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ALBUM REVIEW: Midnight Playlist ‘Built To Break’

COVER ARTIt’s no secret that we seem to being going through a second British invasion here in the states. Bands like Neck Deep, We Are The Ocean, You Me At Six, Bastille, One Direction and The Vamps have been entertaining our ears for quite some time now and the list is growing every day. Well, I’d like to introduce you to your newest British obsession, Midnight Playlist.

Midnight Playlist is a British foursome who are getting ready release their debut EP, Built To Break, on December 1. Forming in 2011, they have been working hard to get the recognition they deserve. This relatively new band has already been compared to the likes of Blitz Kids, early Don Broco, and even Mayday Parade.

Built To Break opens with the hard hitting “A Year In Hell.” If you didn’t know any better, you would swear you were listening to early You Me At Six. Lead vocalist, Aaron, (who is only 17 years old) has a voice that rivals that of Josh Franceshi. Everything from tone to enunciation, the similarities are insane! “A Year In Hell” is fast paced and full of catchy lyrics and infectious runs.

The second track “Desperate” is softer than the opener. The lyrics are so sincere and mature that I couldn’t help but remind myself of how young these guys are because if I didn’t, I would keep thinking they were seasoned vets in the music scene. This song is about lost love and the difficulty of letting go. Some of my favorite lyrics are: “I remember hanging my self-worth on your every word. Guess you found your ledger is too small. Doesn’t hold my name anymore. So I’ll be a footnote in your life. You’re a whole chapter in mine.” That is passion and it comes from some place real. When you listen to this song, you know it’s real because you can hear it in Aaron’s voice.

Track three, “Undone,” has a theme that is more relatable to a teenage population, but it’s not done in a way to make you think it was created by teenagers. It’s about the struggles in life and feeling like you can’t get anything right, but trying to find that silver lining. This song combines darker instrumentals with a relatively optimistic story, and the clashing of ideas makes for one beautiful song in the end.

The remainder of the EP keeps a pretty high energy going. The EP’s title track may be the most angry out of the six songs. It’s another fast paced track that is sure to be a fan favorite.

“Hollow” is a song of self-reflection. The lyrics in the verses are delivered in short, choppy statements, and that’s always been a method of delivery that I rather enjoy. I get a feeling of confidence in how matter-of-factly the lines are presented to listener when it’s done this way.

The final song “Tear Away” is in your face from the very beginning. There is a guitar riff within the entire first verse that is so simple, yet it sets the scene for this song perfectly. It has almost the polar opposite feel to it than what you get from “Desperate.” Some of my favorite lyrics of theirs are found in this song as well: “I’ve got to tear away from you.  I swear it’s for the best. They say everything in moderation, we were in excess” and “I truly thought you were my saving grace. And I’ll only use your name in past tense to speak of what once was.” Let me remind you once more, teenagers are writing lyrics like this.

This whole album, lyrics, vocals and instrumentals, is just proof that musical talent is something you are born with, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can put together something that has meaning and depth. If you look at what most teenage musicians are doing today, it doesn’t hold a candle to the material Midnight Playlist are about to release.

You can purchase a CD here.

Be sure to check these guys out when they go on tour and buy concert tickets when they become available.

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