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ALBUM REVIEW: New Medicine ‘Breaking the Model’

New Medicine 'Breaking the Model' albumThere are three things that put New Medicine near the top of my “new music I absolutely love” list. Number one: The theme behind their newest album Breaking the Model. The name says it all, and anyone who knows me will know that I’m all about stickin’ it to society. So far New Medicine is off to a good start in my book. Number two: This alternative rock quartet is from Minneapolis. It’s not that I feel obligated to like every band from good ol’ Minnesota, but when the band is really good? Well, sharing the same home state with them is the cherry on top of the listening experience. And number three: Breaking the Model is just an incredibly entertaining album. I’m all about albums that have some philosophical meaning to them, but you know damn straight that an album with great beats and humorously-worded tracks is equally as fantastic as the deep meaningful ones. Especially when, throughout the course of the album, the same band can take a step back and provide (seemingly) telling ballads. If you need more convincing than this to listen to Breaking the Model by New Medicine… Keep reading…

From the get go, Breaking the Model hits you with all it’s got. The eponymous title track “Breaking the Model” plus the two consecutive songs, “Desire Into Gold” and “One Too Many,” provide the first trio of many anthem-worthy tunes on the album.  When I first discovered New Medicine a few weeks ago, I heard “One Too Many” and was completely sold. So much so, that I still randomly sing/hum the chorus to the song (and when I do that, that’s saying something). So many of the songs on the band’s sophomore album are catchy like that. And while all the songs do have the same overall tone that defines the band’s sound (mostly electronica), New Medicine does incorporate range into their music. From the hip-hop ambiance of the first few tracks, to the ever so pop-like track “Boy Like Me” that concludes the album (and is actually one of my favorites), every song keeps you listening. And if you think it doesn’t? Clean the gunk out of your ears and try again.

“All About Me” is the first glimpse at a ballad on Breaking the Model. With heartfelt vocals and lyrics, it is actually a relatively relatable song if you are able to read between the lines of the lyrics. However, any sort of sentiment is cut short as the album proceeds to what is basically another partying and drinking anthem entitled “World Class Fuck Up” (and yes, I should warn wary listeners, the album is scattered with various profanities).

This is one of those albums I could honestly list the entire tracklist as “notable” and “worth listening to.” And as I write this review, I’m fairly certain I listened to it twice through completely without a problem, and not just because I was writing about it. It is legitimately because I enjoy the whole album and I think you will too.

It is with that statement that I press play again and have myself a little party with some new hometown heroes.

Purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Breaking the Model is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

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