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ALBUM REVIEW: On Broken Wings ‘Disintegrator’

disintFor all those who eagerly jump in the mosh pits at concerts and scream out to get a wall of death started, look no further than the band, On Broken Wings. Formed in 2001, the band spent countless hours crafting only the hardest, most metal, death defying hardcore songs that have ever hit the stage. These five musicians spend their tours with the likes of Killswitch Engage, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Between the Buried and Me. 

With four albums already under their belt, their recent release, Disintegrator gives fans something new and exciting to mosh to. The harsh guitars and screeching vocals set the band apart from others in the hardcore genres as they step up their sound and rise above the rest.

With titles like “Dirt Nap” and “Quicksand Breaths” the track list looks promising. A quick forty six second instruments-only intro sets the tone for the rest of the album. Heavy guitars and thudding cymbals set to the tune of a crying baby make the inner metalhead in all of us get ready to dive into the first song, “Quicksand Breaths”.

One thing that I love about On Broken Wings is their emphasis on the hard part of hardcore. Many bands nowadays labeling themselves as hardcore tend to be generous in their use of clean vocals. Not these guys. Screaming takes center stage in Disintegrator. Even though they’re put into the hardcore genre, the group describes themselves as mosh-metal. Listening to the album makes me understand why that was a good description of them.

The track that I was most curious about was “Rubik’s Cube Obsession”. Without even listening to it, the title drew my attention. Despite this track having more singing than the other tracks, the screaming is still prominent and mixes with the drums and guitar tracks. The melody is haunting, eerie, and overall impressive. Even at the end when the sound of a fly buzzing through my headphones plays, I’m still left with the impression that the song left.

Disintegrator is a great way to reintroduce the band to the scene that has been lost without their brash sound and heavy vocals. It’s easy to see why metalheads choose On Broken Wings to mosh to, and with these new songs they’ll get just that.

You can purchase a CD here.

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