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ALBUM REVIEW: One Less Reason, ‘The Memories Uninvited’

one less reason smallAfter 13 years, One Less Reason has established themselves in the business of the 2000s-era rock ‘n’ roll. Memphis-born and fad-tested, the band has maintained their steadfast sound over the course of seven albums – for better or for worse. Their latest release, The Memories Uninvited, is no exception, stringing together 11 songs of unbridled and revved-up band synergy.

The Memories Uninvited comes with a sting of nostalgia. The phrase triggers a different part of the unconscious in every listener, stirring up thoughts and memories once buried deep beyond the ability of summoning. For the Tennessee troubadours, the title easily conjures up the memories of when their style of rock was more en vogue (modern airwaves are dominated by the likes of more folky and “alternative” strains of rock, if it can be called that anymore). With the year being the least of the concern, One Less Reason provides throwbacks to rock of years past in the new millennium on The Memories Uninvited.

With a smoldering raven emblazoned on the new album cover, One Less Reason makes it clear that they aren’t to pacify anyone. Truly, the cover is a touch unnerving – but then again, rock has never been about any sort of comfort. The group’s seventh album commences with a swirl of chaos on “Break Me,” with thundering guitar riffs and grunge-tinged vocals. “Come protect me from myself,” are the last words uttered by singer Cris Brown, in true post-90s rock tradition.

While maintaining an undeniable hard rock sound, optimism and positivity peeks through the din on “Something Beautiful,” and the band shows an unexpected soft spot on “On The Way Down,” where a child’s banter begins the track. Some senses of tonal change emerge in the familiar style of rock, however; namely, guitar solos hail to a different, more extravagant era of rock, like the soaring instrumentals on “Where Were You” and the fretwork between verses on “Time.” Despite their age, it seems like these Memphis dogs can still pull off a few tricks.

You can purchase a CD from One Less Reason here, or buy concert tickets here.

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Victoria Wasylak

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