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Album Review: Restorations ‘LP2’

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PromoImageTo be truthful, with Restorations, I wasn’t sure where I stood, or what to expect. They were entirely new to me, which only made me more eager to slip on my headphones and give them a try.

LP2 begins with “D,” with an amazing instrumental that entrances you to the point of being surprised when you hear vocals about halfway through the track. It has an edge to it that makes it almost anthemic.

“Let’s Blow Up The Sun” has a sound that is difficult to describe; acting as the lovechild between hard rock and folk, there is something haunting about it that just made me want to replay it for a reason unknown to even my own mind.

“Civil Inattention” is a favorite of mine, because it starts off with softer guitar strumming and wonderfully gruff vocals, until it picks up a bit, which only enhances the effect it has. There’s such a great feel to this track, from the melodies to the lyrics. In my mind, I can see this being performed on stage with lights flicking left and right, slowing down to a crowd stood in awe, followed by an in-your-face, fast, loud track that gets everyone’s feet off the ground one more time.

With songs like “In Perpetuity Throughout The Universe,” it’s easy to find yourself slightly mesmerized by echoing guitar parts, slowly bobbing your head along, while still wanting to play some air-guitar.

“New Old” has a quicker pace that will get your energy up and delight your ears. With a slower bridge, you can’t help but relish in the lyrics. My only complaint about this song is that it’s like a story with a rushed ending and you’re a reader still desperate for more. Luckily, there are three more tracks.

I also found myself replaying “The Plan” for both its lyrics and how catchy it was. By the third time, and I will admit this shamelessly, I was singing along like a fan at a concert.

Overall, LP2 is filled with fantastic guitar and steady beats, all accompanied by intriguing vocals that are easy to enjoy. It’s lyrical and defies boxing the band into just one genre. For me, it was a great introduction to Restorations; for a fan, I can only imagine it was a perfect addition to their iTunes.

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