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ALBUM REVIEW: Rival Summers – ‘Undeniable’

12790860_10153965269940148_3996059122289135369_nDetroit pop duo, Rival Summers recently released their latest album, Undeniable. Over the years, they have mastered writing songs filled with inspiring and uplifting lyrics. They have progressed just enough to draw in a new audience from all spectrums, yet still keep the die-hard fans around.

Having been a few years since releasing an album, Rival Summers haven’t changed their sound, but perfected it so to speak. With sounds reminiscent of Walk The Moon, Holiday Parade, and Copeland, their songs will have you bouncing around and dancing for days on end. Each song throughout the album has a different wave of emotion, making sure to hit home with everyone.

The album strikes with the title track, “Undeniable,” proving that’s exactly what it is. Opening the album up with a song about proving yourself and ultimately following your dreams is a real way to showcase your passion. “I Know Better” follows the title track and the optimistic lyrics just keep flowing. The instrumentals in this song specifically really help turn this album into a fantastic production.

“All About It” is by far the most feel good, poppy jam on this album. It kicks in immediately with this intense catchy rhythm that you can’t help but bob your head to. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to get in your car and drive with the windows down no matter what the weather is like. It’s catchy chorus makes it well deserving of radio play. Throwing yet another tasty pop tune at you, “Stay” is the lead single off of the album. Drawing you in with some simple yet oh so satisfying guitar, you’ll have this song on repeat for days.

Further into the album you’ll find “Not About Me,” and this is the song that just pours out emotion. The song kicks in with just vocals and some piano, giving that intimate connection with the artist. This song kind of took it back and showed just how far they’ve come and how there’s no stopping them anytime soon. The band ends their album with “Taking Steps” and this has to be the most perfectly produced song throughout the entire album. Every aspect of this song helps round the album out as a whole and made it what it needed to be.

Overall, the album showcases a great amount of passion, optimism, and the determination to accomplish whatever you want to.

You can purchase a CD from Rival Summers here. If you’re in the area, be sure to purchase tickets to their CD release show on April 23rd, here.

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