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ALBUM REVIEW: Ron Pope ‘Calling Off The Dogs’

Ron PopeGeorgia bred singer/songwriter Ron Pope is back with his ninth studio album since 2012’s Atlanta (reminiscent of home maybe?). After leaving Universal Records in 2010, Pope has been producing and making music independently. To be honest, I am quite fond of his newest album, Calling Off the Dogs.

Calling Off the Dogs starts off with the single, “Lick My Wounds.” This track has a more dance pop sound than his previous material. When I think of dance music, my mind goes straight to dubstep and electronica, but the strong chorus in the background and guitar riffs in “Lick My Wounds” make for a new type of dance genre. It isn’t just pop music, it’s soulful pop. The next track, “Empty Page” is similar to “Lick My Wounds” and also has that same poignant vocal chorus in the background. After hearing two songs that were so similar, I was starting to think that Ron Pope has completely changed his musical style from the soft folksy music that fans have known for so long. But this all changes when “Explain” and “Signs” come on. These follow the same sound that Ron Pope is known for, and really showcases his unique vocals.

Another track that stuck out to me was “Nothing” in which Ron sings with the Canadian singer, Alexz Johnson. While these two artists have very different styles, their vocals compliment eac hother well to create the perfect breakup song. The whole album comes to a close “Blood From a Stone” that fans of Pope’s popular song, “A Drop In the Ocean,” would really enjoy.

Pope’s smooth voice and ability to tell stories through his songwriting make him a great artist all around. He is one of the few musicians out there that can sing you to sleep and turn around and shred apart a guitar. Calling Off the Dogs is a nice addition to any music guru’s collection, and followers of Ron Pope should not pass this album up.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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