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ALBUM REVIEW: Rookie Of The Year ‘The Goodnight Moon Part II’

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Rookie of the YearNorth Carolina’s Rookie of the Year has seen a lot. In 2004 the band’s founder Ryan Dunson released Rookie’s first LP, Having To Let Go. Although Ryan proved to be successful on his own, in 2006 Rookie of the Year released a full band album The Goodnight Moon, which to this day is one of my favorite albums. As the primary song writer, Ryan has always had a way of capturing real, raw emotion in his rather original acoustic/pop/rock sound.

Between 2006 and 2013 the band released more music with sporadic successes, gained members, and then lost members to the point that Rookie of the Year was simply Ryan himself. While every Rookie release since the original Goodnight Moon has been great, to me there had just been something missing. Enter The Goodnight Moon Part II. This is going to be Rookie of the Year’s comeback. If you haven’t heard of them yet, no fear, you will soon.

The Goodnight Moon Part II  brings back the full band sound to Rookie’s music with a fresh twist. The first song I had the pleasure to experience from the album was “Love Me Crazy,” and I immediately did love this song like crazy! It reflects beautifully Rookie of the Year circa 2006, bringing to mind songs like “Enjoy This Drive” and “Pop Destroyed the Scene.” The album also contains Ryan’s raw emotion I mentioned previously in so many ways. The song “Raleigh” is a beautifully written piece, both lyrically and instrumentally. For those of you looking for less sentimental and more upbeat, “Wild and Free (The Way It Goes)” will have you dancing around in no time.

The Goodnight Moon Part II is the Rookie of the Year comeback fans have been waiting for. The band has pieced together the diversity of their sound into one fantastic album that you can listen to no matter what your mood. I can not urge you enough to give this band and this album a listen!

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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