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Album Review: Schematic ‘Color (n.) Inside the Lines’

Color (n.) Inside The Lines

Upon pressing play, I immediately hear the growl and power of a heavily distorted guitar.  I think, this is going to be my new “angry” music, but the further into the album I get, I realize this album is so much more than a single emotion.

The songs on Color (n.) Inside the Lines sound as if Radiohead, Three Days Grace, and Local Natives had a technicolored baby.  The mixing of various types of instrumentation cause an eargasm for this listener.  Just as I get into a rocking guitar groove, I’m pulled out by a synthesized wave of electronic beats and pulsating tones, and as the synthetic sounds sooth my mind, Schematic brings back the natural element with orchestral strings or an acoustic guitar.  It seemed as though a true musician lies behind the tracks on this album.

Dave Elkins, vocalist of Schematic, has no issues meshing his vocal styling with the musicality of the album. Smooth and sung with an air that soars above other sounds of the album, Elkins’ voice is soft and comforting, but strong when his instruments demand.

Overall, I would recommend this album to everyone wanting to add a musician to their “Artists to Watch” list.  You can listen to the album yourself here.  Happy listening!

Review by: Taylor Brown

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