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ALBUM REVIEW: Sick Puppies ‘Connect’

547131_10151200791017642_575463384_nIt’s been two years, four months, and 15 days since we last heard anything from Australian rock band Sick Puppies, with their last release being Polar Opposite which features acoustic versions of tracks from 2009’s Tri-Polar. But those two years, four months, and 15 days were well worth it, because Sick Puppies has come back with their third U.S. release, Connect—and it’s awesome.

Fans of “So What I Lied” will appreciate the dark vibe of the opening track “Die to Save You.” The next song, “There’s No Going Back” which is also the first single off of Connect, sounds very different from its predecessor. With lyrics such as “There’s no going back, when life’s a loaded gun, you pull the trigger (trigger); there’s no going back, the past is in the past, thank God it doesn’t last forever,” this hopeful song is a nice reminder that things can always get better when you make the step to change them.

With this record, the band made a conscious effort to “connect” with their fans by reaching out through social media sites and the Sick Puppies World Crew forum to ask what they would like to see in the new album. The fans really liked the songs featuring bassist Emma Anzai, on vocals, and Sick Puppies gave us exactly that with the at times, Pink Floyd-esque closing track, “Under a Very Black Sky.” The Australian trio have done a great job incorporating the best elements from their previous records, because Connect is nothing short of “auss-some.”

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