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ALBUM REVIEW: Sirens & Sailors ‘Skeletons’

Sirens & SailorsSirens & Sailors, an up and coming band from New York who were recently picked up by Artery Records, are now gearing up to release their sophomore album Skeletons—and I was beyond stoked getting word that I would be able to review this one. They were already showing successful efforts easing their way into the scene, and I was excited to see how their sophomore effort stacked up.

The album starts out with a nice intro that instantly catches your attention. A single riff flows into a fading outro that starts up the next song, “The Chosen One.” The beginning of their work feels simple, and doesn’t throw you into too much at once. The vocals are heavy but they also develops into a nice vocal piece. And I can’t help but sit here thinking  finally, a singing voice that isn’t too whiny for my ears to handle. The track after that, “Go for the Throat”, does the same.

The next song “Straightjacket” transitions into an amazing progressive intro. I can tell they’ve found inspiration in bands like Meshuggah and Cynic, deriving from a specific style that draws in technical and experimental music. I gotta, say, this band puts it together very nicely. It brings a whole new mix to the table, being capable of uniting together what feels like a few different genres. The couple of songs afterwards have the same unique composition, specifically “Exorcist” which opens up with alien-like riffs and dense vocals. Soon the album carries into a different focus while still tying in nicely with the rest of the album. The song “Born and Raised” gives an upbeat sensation – lighthearted but still heavy enough to be a great changeover. Kyle Bihrle has an awesome voice that can stay heavy, in addition to angelic when needed, and pairs in each song nicely.

Slowly the songs grow softer until the last one, “Skeleton.” Indeed the perfect ending, almost like a recap of every song to remind of the diversity in their style. Beautiful violin work takes over, nice heavy build up with guitar riffs growing higher, followed by the same riff from the very beginning of the album. Absolutely amazing. Very refreshing to hear a band that brings something new to their music. Sirens & Sailors have something original to offer, and it’s definitely worth supporting.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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