Album Review: Stellar Young ‘Everything At Once’

 Stellar Young

When listening to an artist for the first time, there is a certain hesitance that follows close behind. Is it what you expected? Is it a surprise? Is it charming or cheeky, or does it impose a certain satirical edge?

Then that music begins and suddenly, every question melts away and all that’s left is art, which is what Stellar Young’s new album Everything At Once certainly is.

The album kicks off with “Playing With Guns,” setting the stage for what to expect, as well as slowly pulling you in with background noises that seem familiar to everyone. Once the music comes in you can’t help but be intrigued, and later, as the bridge builds and the drums start to pick up, curiosity becomes love.

“Restless” exemplifies its namesake with a much more upbeat style. It’s the type of song you can hear being played in a venue like the House of Blues, making everyone sing along and jump in unison, like a choir of stomping feet. For the same energetic feel, “We Own Nothing” is great and is a lyrical powerhouse, with amazing drums coming through the speakers left and right.

There is something about “The Misses” that makes you honest to goodness want to listen to it ten times over. I can’t quite pin it down. Is it the amazing guitar solo? Is it the awesome group vocals? Is it the overall rhythm that just has a soul to it? It’s all of that and more. Easily my favorite track on the album!

“Animals” is the ideal closing song, because it even declares what’s going on; “I will fade away,” the track sings through the speakers, aided by instrumentals that can only be described as classic. Each twist and turn is perfection.

The entire album is that which I expected and then some. Each track is worthy of numerous listens, and I assure you, there will be just that. (Liv Simister)

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