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ALBUM REVIEW: Suicide Silence ‘You Can’t Stop Me’

You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)What do you do after your lead singer is killed in a tragic car collision? Most bands would stop playing music for a few years .They might even break-up. I guess Suicide Silence didn’t get that memo. After a year of inactivity –an appropriate mourning period- they announced a new vocalist in the form of ex-All Shall Perish front-man Eddie Hermida. Subsequently they announced that they’d be recording a new album entitled You Can’t Stop Me.

The question that revolves around You Can’t Stop Me is if it will match Suicide Silence’s previous albums with Mitch Lucker as a vocalist. The answer to that question is: yes. Hermida’s vocals are on-par if not somewhat better than Lucker’s vocals. He continues to deliver that brutal vocal style that Suicide Silence is so well-known for. I prefer his voice over Lucker’s as it is easier to make out the lyrics, due to the brutal hardcore twist that he throws onto his voice. The whole feel of the album can be summed up into a move scene. You know that scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry gets taken out by the rouge Bludger? This album is like the aural version of how that must have felt, except even worse. It feels like the aural version of Quidditch match with it bludgeoning you from every angle with thundering drop-tuned guitars, more blast beats than a farmer’s mum has guns and bass lines that would make EDM producers weak at the knees. Conceptually this would be a Quidditch match involving a lot of sharp objects and a few Avada Kedavra curses.

The album opens with a delightful synth intro before cauterising your synapses by launching into “Inherit The Crowd” where the transition is from soothing synth lines to Hermida screaming “I will wear the mask/ if I have to/ I will inherit the crowd.” Drop-tuned guitars and blast-beats are your friend in this song – well all the songs on this album. It creates this overwhelming wall of intense brutality that ravages your senses and progressively launches you into the lead single off the album “Cease To Exist.” Which is entirely a song that sounds great yet lacks heavily in the lyrical department. There are so many songs that you can hear about wanting somebody to be dead before you get rather bored of that particular theme. It’d make for a great song to hear live, definitely one to open up the pits with.

“Control” is one of two songs with guest vocalists featured on it; the other being “Monster Within” with Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan).  “Control” features George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse). Both these tracks are particularly brilliant with both vocalists owning the song as if it is their own, or at least owning their sections while not over-powering Hermida’s vocals.

“You Can’t Stop Me” was one of the last songs that Lucker ever wrote, and in true Lucker fashion it is a highly motivational track that also gets one’s blood pumping. Maybe you’d expect Lucker to be delivering this song yet in a way I think Hermida was better suited to the lyrics. He delivers them in a punchy, hardcore style that gives it a chugging feel to it and stretches out the tempo of the song. His voice thunders through on the chorus of “If you’re reckless and free / Speak up/ Sing this with me/ We’re free, we’re free.” Also, if you’re a sucker for hidden gems within songs then listen out for the astounding attractive bass riffs present in this song. They’ll make you feel a bit weak at the knees.

As you wander further and further into You Can’t Stop Me, you begin to become lost in a twisted landscape of mutilated beauty. The album drips with over-powering brutality; brutality that attempts to cauterise the synapses of your brain and leaves you reeling like a drunkard stumbling out of a bar just after last call. People were under the perception that the loss of Lucker would damage the band. If anything, the band got even stronger upon the release of this album. Well done Suicide Silence, well done.

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