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ALBUM REVIEW: Surrender The Coast ‘Lost Souls’

Lost Souls - Cover ArtThere are many genres of music that are popular that I just don’t listen to. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be persuaded into enjoying them. That is the exact case with a group of hardcore metal rockers from Leicester, United Kingdom called Surrender The Coast. They have just released their brand new mini-album, Lost Souls, and it is bound to make a fan out of anyone who was hesitant about this specific genre.

The album opens with the powerful “Aurora Skies.” What caught my attention immediately was the back forth vocal responsibilities between Andy Connelly and Dave Griffiths. Both vocalists have this raw intensity, combined with astounding control, that makes for one incredible listening experience.

One of the strongest tracks is definitely “Thrones.” It starts off very eerie and it keeps that feeling throughout. You’re taken through an angry and emotional adventure with multiple mellow breakdowns that seamlessly flow into unapologetically savage vocals. The ending tapers off slowly and it leaves you hoping for one more hit of intensity. However, the following track, “Dreamcatcher,” gives you exactly what you crave in the previous song. “Dreamcatcher” also tapers to an end, but instead of finishing easy, you get one more blast of power.

“A Blissful Ignorance,” the album’s fifth track, is one that really stands out to me. While the beginning starts just like the others, it fades into a calmer guitar part and you’re able to hear Connelly’s vocals the way they were meant to be heard. His voice completely consumes you. Everything is so on point and he never misses an opportunity put his entire existence into the words he’s screaming out. This song is driven by passion, and that’s evident in not only the vocals, but the instrumentals as well. You could take away the vocals, and you would still understand the emotion being portrayed. “A Blissful Ignorance” is also beautifully timed. Nothing is rushed or out of place, so you know every move was intentional. Attention to detail like that makes for one powerful song you’re sure to remember.

Lost Souls  ends with another repeat listener, “Archetype.”  They definitely went out with a bang with this track. Everything is in your face and it’s like they’re combining every element you loved from previous songs into one final number.

What I quickly discovered while listening to this album is there’s rarely any instances of rest and each song contains multiple “scenes” or “acts,” if you will. Rather than keeping a steady pace throughout each track, different layers are constantly being peeled away to show a newer, and usually more intense, side than the one previous. Most of the tracks waste no time in showcasing what this band has to offer, and that is a no-nonsense and angry intensity that demands your attention.

Lost Souls is available now and you can purchase a copy here.

To hear more from Surrender The Coast, you can purchase a CD here. They currently have no tour dates listed, but be sure to buy concert tickets when they become available.

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