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ALBUM REVIEW : Sworn In – All Smiles

swornin_2017The ever changing music scene comes and goes, especially within the genre of post-hardcore and metalcore. One of the scenes most iconic bands who made a name for themselves early on within this genre has been Illinois act, Sworn In. Formed in 2011, Sworn In, consisting of Tyler Dennen (vocals), Eugene Kamlyuk (guitar), Derek Bolman (bass), and Christopher George (drums), are still fairly new and building their career within the metal scene. As a powerful four piece, Sworn In pride themselves on making music that suits their abilities and strengths within the hardcore genre, as with their third album All Smiles, officially released on June 30, 2017 through Fearless Records, this stays true as the band delve deeper into their craft and expand their growing career.

All Smiles leads the listener through both the heavy and iconic sound of the hardcore genre but also hits on some more melodic notes and themes that leave an emotional weight and impact. One of the shining examples on this record would be the track “HellUPutMeThu”, as it has both the heavy intermixing with the melodic undertones.

The powerful opening track of “Make it Hurt” also stands out to me, as it packs a punch right from the start and definitely kicks off the album on a high note. While the other tracks on All Smiles deserve some recognition (I personally loved the feel of “Closer To Me” and “Cry Baby”), but the icing on the cake that pulled the whole album together for me was the final track, “Cross My Heart.”

Sworn In remain a versatile band with the ability to fuse their own unique sound into the metal and edgier genres of the music scene. All Smiles showcases a totally unique sound that Sworn In have developed within their growing career and continues to become more and more refined with each new album.

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