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ALBUM REVIEW: Tear Out The Heart ‘Violence’

urlIt is evident from the start of their newest release, Violence, that Tear Out The Heart have plenty of energy. The beginning track, “Dead By Dawn” holds nothing back. Fast, chugging guitars set the song off, followed by violent screamed vocals. The song does get softer however, as clean vocals wash over the track and make it a little more balanced vocally. The album continues to follow this structure, and it is executed well.

My only criticism with the album as a whole is that the band shows less range than capable of. It seems they know what they are doing works, but are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. However this does not take away from their abilities; it just makes it a bit less unique than some of the more experimental albums to come out of the genre as of late.

The best moments of the album are those that are a bit different. Say, for example, their two tracks with guest vocals. “Undead Anthem” featuring Caleb Shomo of Beartooth. Shomo works very well with the band and the song flows well with him in it. “Coffin Eyes” features Dan Marsala of Story Of The Year, who stands out and has great moments of independence.

Clean vocalist Isaac Etter shows his best work on the title track. The catchiest chorus comes from “Infamous Last Words,” which is unapologetically infectious and anthemic, and works very well for the group. Unclean vocalist Tyler Konersman has his best moments on the song “Closure.” The beginning shows Konersman adopting a different, almost narrative delivery style. It works for both the track and band, and should be considered something to utilize on upcoming releases.

Tear Out The Heart adopt a sound similar to other bands, but still stand out among the crowd. Though the songs could be a bit more varied in terms of sound, the shining moments on the album show they have the chops to expand and create even better music in the future. Still, if you like this genre of music, you will most certainly enjoy this release.

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