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ALBUM REVIEW: The Calling Card ‘You’ve Got a Lot To Learn’

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The Calling CardA twenty-one track album seems like a mountain; to both a band and the writer reviewing it. However, The Calling Card’s You’ve Got a Lot To Learn plays out more like a hot summer day at a lake than a cold, bitter trek up Everest.

“Weight of The World” has a perfect, optimistic tone to it that sets the mood for the rest of the album, keeping spirits high. Following much later, “Neon Lights” has a stunning introduction leading into a song that serves to demonstrate the versatility of The Calling Card with a softer style and more stripped down approach. “Let’s Stay Young,” both the studio and acoustic versions featured on the album, carry the same infectious, upbeat attitude that The Calling Card seem to have mastered.

“Keep The Change You Filthy Animal,” along with being a beloved saying, has an edgier attitude to it, with guitar parts that could make hardcore rock bands green with envy. The group vocals in this track are to die for; absolute perfection. If you’re looking for a battle anthem, this might be it.

With a more melodic style, “Don’t Let It Go” contrasts musically with the bitter tone of its lyrics. However, the encouraging message of the song does not go unnoticed; keep fighting, keep pushing, and don’t back down. Along with its predecessor, “Don’t Let It Go” is a stand-out track that will keep listeners coming back for more. “The New Kings Of This Town” carries a very similar attitude, with a lyrical wit that is both entertaining and greatly appreciated.

Speaking of lyrically pleasing, “We Are Just Kids, and We’re Never Growing Up” is another perfect example of poetic brilliance on the album. In more ways than one, this feels like it could have been an Andrew McMahon track, especially in his earlier days. It may actually be my favorite on You’ve Got a Lot To Learn. There is such a beautiful set of feelings tied to this song, it’s easy to love and easy to imagine being played to a sold-out audience.

Song after song, The Calling Card only continue to prove themselves, demonstrating their capability in multiple styles of music. You’ve Got a Lot To Learn is everything an album should be…though this is really more like two albums put together.

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