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ALBUM REVIEW: The Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men ‘Wrong Side of the Road’

the coffis brothers  and the mountain menThe Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men’s second album, Wrong Side of the Road, begins with “I’m Gonna Find You.” The song’s medium-paced, steady riff welcomes the listener into a vibrant concoction of classic American sounds.

Throughout the album, the music is very melodic, making it comfortable and easy listening — qualities that often make an album a classic. At the same time, Wrong Side of the Road challenges the listener by veering away from the mainstream and, instead, presenting a vintage Americana  sound: a blend of American music from different genres and generations.

Wrong Side of the Road feels like musical time-travel, as it bears roots of country, blues, early rock ‘n’ roll and 80s metal.  For example, “Give It To Me” is held together by a classic blues riff, yet the vocals keep it sounding country.  “Trouble Town” takes the country sound even further by being lyrically rich as well as having strong folk accents and instrumental subtlety. But don’t be mislead! This isn’t your modern-day country music; this album is reminiscent of country and folk-rock icons like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bruce Springsteen, and at times the metal-influenced guitar solos bear a liking to the early days of Aerosmith.

Each song on the album tells a story, which really makes the lyrics come to life. “Love of Mine” and “The Hardest Thing” are both romantic and slightly melancholic. Yet, even in these pieces, in a classic, positive fashion, the singer reminds us to stay positive by saying, “Love is the hardest thing… but take a chance.”

Even though the album is influenced by a variety of genres, it flows quite well. The Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men know when to speed it up and when to slow it down, giving the album a sophisticated sound, in spite of its perfectly casual tone. Wrong Side of the Road is well put together, offering clean production exemplified by awesome guitar solos, blues piano and vocals that would make Jon Bon Jovi proud.

If you’d like to give the album a listen for yourself, you can purchase a CD here when it’s released on Feb. 22.

And to see The Coffis Brothers And The Mountain Men live, you can buy concert tickets (or see when their free shows are) here.

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  1. Jim

    Nice! Completely agree, the album is like time travel. I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite song.

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