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ALBUM REVIEW: The Dot Wiggin Band ‘Ready! Get! Go!’

The Dot Wiggin Band The ShaggsTo the uninitiate The Shaggs are the “best worst band” out there. Trust me, there’s nothing else like it. Until now that is, with the release of the The Dot Wiggin Band‘s debut album Ready! Get! Go!.

It’s been quite some time since any of the members of The Shaggs has released anything. Most might say that Dot has improved on her songwriting and musicianship unless you are into her previous work. Not to say that Ready! Get! Go! Doesn’t ‘work’ because it does. It’s a collection of children’s songs for adults with off key vocals, out of time instrumentation, and lyrics about cars and pets – just a couple of similarities between this release and The Philosophy of the World.

This collection of songs consists of a mix of tracks both new and old—some of which were never recorded back in the day. This time Dot had some trained musicians which I think, maybe, could have helped her out with her ‘true vision’. Which I, personally, believe was clouded by this. It just doesn’t have the same charm, although it is still very charming and cute. There is something in this album that I can’t quite put my finger on. Although the music and lyrical content is generally happy and upbeat there appears to be a melancholic edge to it that was not evident in The Philosophy of the World which makes for an extremely interesting sound.

In summary: Think The Shaggs, but bigger, better, and higher production values – but not quite as good – and this time, fortunately, they weren’t screwed over by an unknown record publisher. A Philosophy of the World for our age, for us all to appreciate as much as we appreciate our parents and our pets. If Frank Zappa was still with us today I’m sure he would still stick by what he said back in  the’60s about the Shaggs, only this time with The Dot Wiggin Band: “Better than the Beatles – even today.”

Favorite tracks:

“Speed Limit”

“If I Could Be Your Hero”

“Your Best Friend”

You can purchase a CD of ‘Ready! Get! Go!’ right here.

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