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ALBUM REVIEW: The Downtown Fiction ‘Losers & Kings’

The Downtown Fiction 'Losers & Kings' albumA fantastic combination of pop and rock, Virginian band The Downtown Fiction is releasing their second full-length album June 17th, titled Losers & Kings,with their new label Fearless Records. This album is chock full of great energy and fun songs that are often anthem-like in nature. The mix of excellent beats and the semi-boyish voice of lead singer Cameron Leahy (which sounds a lot better than you think), Losers & Kings is incredibly enjoyable and definitely a mood booster if you ever needed one.

The namesake of The Downtown Fiction’s album, Losers & Kings, can be found within the lyrics of “Some Place on Earth.” A great track right off the bat, the song is said to be a “celebration of dynamic rock guitars, pulsating bass and ringing keyboard for good measure,” according to the biography on the band’s website. It is incredibly catchy and definitely one of the most memorable songs on the album. I have found myself humming it or singing a few words of the chorus quite often since I first heard it.

The same vivacity of the first track sustains through most, if not all of the album. Admittedly, some of the songs sound incredibly similar to one another in tempo and sound, but there is a dash of diversity to make the album entertaining. For example, “Kiss My Friends” picks up the tempo… but then the song directly following it, “Santa Cruz” slows things down a bit. There’s really never a dull moment on Losers & Kings and that makes it all the more magnificent on the whole.

Even though each is a good one in my opinion, other notable songs worth listening to include “Cool Kids” and “Right Where We Left Off,” the solitary (and beautifully romantic) acoustic track of the album.

The final track, “Sometimes,” is a wonderful ending to Losers & Kings with it’s more prominent piano, as well as the intriguing outro that honestly had me wondering if I was hearing my own heartbeat through my headphones. A very good contrasting ending for the “marching drum” found at the intro of “Some Place on Earth.”

You can purchase a CD and/or buy concert tickets here.

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