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ALBUM REVIEW: The Golden Sounds ‘Waiting On The Birds’

The Golden Sounds 'Waiting On The Birds' albumMusic from The Golden Sounds is just exactly what you believe it would be based on their name: golden melodies and tunes in unique combinations that have the potential to almost play with your emotions. Fortunately for all us indie fans, these Nashville musicians recently released what is actually their fifth full-length album, Waiting On The Birds. Their sound has been called dream pop or “walking the line between lo-fi and a lush band feel,” but despite being compared to the stylings of The Flaming Lips, Iron and Wine, and Jeremy Enigk, The Golden Sounds are much more than their seemingly well combined acoustic and electronica/techno beats.

Much of the album Waiting On The Birds seems to at times, more or less, blur or blend together. The songs share an overall tone that of course, makes for great cohesiveness on the album, but could slightly deter listeners from listening to it in its entirety. But before you let that statement deter you from listening to the album, I ask that you truly give it a chance because Waiting On The Birds does deserve it, and there are elements that do redeem the album against any possibly nay-saying on my part. I found the album mesmerizing and intriguing with enough diversity to appease my tastes… but if I know other music listeners, some people aren’t as kind.

While “The Last Machines” introduces the simple percussion fused together with frontman Todd Evans’s vocals, “Across the Sea” turns up the tempo a bit more in a song that I could only think to describe as charming. In fact, that’s possibly a potential term to apply to the entirety of Waiting On The Birds. A similar upbeat sound can be found in “Soul Screams,” which also applies a slightly more rock feel to the track that I enjoyed.

The banjo heard in portions of “And We Back Down” was definitely a wonderful addition to the song, as was the instrument I couldn’t quite figure out that was featured during its solo in the song. This country-style twang also makes an appearance in “Good Day,” in a nearly sci-fi western sort of way.

If I had to choose a favorite, though, the final track, “We Go On Forever” does the trick for me. The rhythm is fantastic, as are the vocals and lyrics. But it is actually the way the song builds that really gets me. Other tracks do attempt this a little bit on the album, but “We Go On Forever” takes the gold (sorry I couldn’t help myself with that phrase).

Just as their sound borders on raw lo-fi and lush band, the album is one of those that is most likely on the border between success and bust based on the individual listener. I, for one, enjoyed it, but I know that others may not. My advice is to simply listen to the album and truly decide for yourself. After all, isn’t that what enjoying music is all about?

You can purchase a CD (digitally) here, and buy concert tickets here.

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