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Album Review: The Material ‘Everything I Want to Say’

The MaterialIn an industry that is, truthfully, dominated by males, it’s always fun to come across a girl-fronted band. Often when that happens, there are comparisons to Hayley Williams of Paramore, Amy Lee of Evanescence, et cetera. While comparisons as such are never a bad thing, no one could do that to The Material or its powerhouse vocalist Colleen D’Agostino. The band has a sound all their own that is on display on their new album Everything I Want to Say.

“Life Vest” kicks off the album in the same way a theme song introduces a show. It’s a track filled with well-written lyrics, a catchy hook, and an instrumental that give it a mysterious edge. As an introduction, it showcases The Material’s talents beautifully; a great first impression.

If you’ve been looking for a strong, passionate song, “Born To Make a Sound” fits the bill! It’s energetic and exciting, with a chorus that makes you want to go for a run and sing it at the top of your lungs, annoying every person on the trail and/or street.

“Tonight I’m Letting Go” has a bitter, almost-sad side to it, but rather than being placed alongside melancholy instrumentals, it’s been placed in a melodic and fast-paced context. It brings an excitement to the idea of letting go of the past and moving on. “Running Away” seems to have a similar idea and context, along with beats that make it feel like an ideal song to hear live. With tracks like, “Skin and Bone,” and “Gasoline,” it’s easy to see The Material won’t take bad things lying down, including break-ups.

“Bottles” definitely has the slowest beginning to any of the songs on the album, giving listeners a minute to take a breath, until the chorus kicks in, knocking you back unexpectedly. It’s well-timed and each verse transitions into the more excitable chorus smoothly.

“Gasoline” is the probably one of my favorite tracks, if not just for the quality of lyrics within the song. Followed up by the soft, short, and beautiful interlude “The Great Unknown,” the melodious “Love Me Or Leave Me,” and the almost pleading “Let Me In Again,” The Material gives you a glimpse at their more vulnerable side, and it truly brings Everything I Want to Say full circle.

Starting off and finishing strong (with “Chances,” which is another excellent addition), The Material take you through a spectrum of feelings in a stunning display of talent. Everything I Want to Say is truly awe-inspiring; it’s sure to be a fan-favorite, and will more than likely only help the band garner more die-hard fans.

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