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ALBUM REVIEW: The Story So Far, Stick To Your Guns Split

302476_10151334064091012_378644754_nWhen I saw that The Story So Far would be doing a split with Stick To Your Guns, the first thought that ran through my head was, “How on Earth is that going to work?” I no longer wonder that, because after listening to the split, while I have no explanation as to how, I will assure you, it does.

The split starts off with The Story So Far and their song “Clairvoyant,” which features soft guitar, a beautiful melody, and eloquently delivered lyrics. It’s bittersweet with the gentle strums of an airy guitar contrasting with the subject-matter of a troubled relationship. This is a perfect introduction the to the split, both enticing listeners and showcasing the band’s talents.

The Story So Far then covers the indie rock band Pinback’s song “Loro.” Despite this being a cover, the band gives the song an edgier feel. The original is dominated by bass, with soft vocals that sound like a whisper alongside the music. This cover has toned down the bass, turned up the guitar and drums, as well as increased the volume of the vocals and given it a more modern “indie” vibe. While both are equally beautiful, The Story So Far has given the song new life that translates well through the speakers.

Stick To Your Guns launches into “We Still Believe,” bringing a new energy to the split. The track is in-your-face, and a total wake up call; imagine the first half of the split as the strength-training portion of a workout, and this as the cardio. “We Still Believe” is aggressive and an anthem for any fighter. The chorus is amazingly strong, with Jesse Barnett’s voice booming, accompanied by group vocals in the background.

Keeping up the energy, Stick To Your Guns presents listeners with a cover of Inside Out’s “Burning Fight.” If you’re not into screaming, this may not be the track for you. The guitar-solo is impressive, and as the song goes on, there seems to be a bit more melody added. While I like the cover overall, it personally didn’t do anything for me, except for where the guitars and drums were concerned. Musically, I was sincerely impressed. Vocally, I was impressed by Barnett’s screaming ability, but I would have like to hear something a little more melodic, especially as he does have such a great voice, as proven by “We Still Believe.”

Overall, I think the split is well-done. Two very different bands are presented and while it is certainly a pleasant surprise to the ear, it’s a curious addition to any musical collection. There was plenty of variety and it seems to feature a bit of something for everyone.

You can purchase a vinyl here and buy concert tickets for The Story So Far here and Stick To Your Guns here.

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