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ALBUM REVIEW: The Technicolors – ‘Ultraviolet Disguise’ EP

ultravioletThere is a certain charm to bands whose music feels just a little bit out of their time, and that is exactly what Phoenix-based rock band, The Technicolors, managed to do in their five-track EP, Ultraviolet Disguise.

The band weren’t so much trying to bring one specific sound to the release but instead pulled from a diverse array of influences both past and present to create something that sounds old while still having a feeling of newness.

The result, which claims influence from the New Millennium’s garage rock scene and mid 90’s Brit-pop, draws elements similar to artists like The Strokes and Gorillaz, as well as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

At its heart, Ultraviolet Disguise is a very 90s-influenced rock record, but there’s a modern sensibility here, too, in the soft, revolving guitar in “Feels Like Trouble” and the slight full-band pauses in “I’ll Love You Someday” where everything seems to stop for a fraction of a second except for frontman Brennan Smiley’s striking falsettos.

“I’ll Love You Someday,” kicks off the EP by introducing the band’s dynamic sound and intense verses. Smiley spills out his soft lyrics wrapped around twisted guitar melodies and perfectly timed keyboard notes. Smiley sings, “I never thought that I’d be missing you and all the things you never ever do.” After a minute into the first track, you can begin to notice a sound reminiscent of The Strokes. The song winds down with lyrics, “I’ll love you some day, and you’ll love to throw it all away, because you still don’t know that you left me all alone,” as the drums come to an abrupt stop. This is definitely one of the strongest tracks on the EP.

“Tonight You Are Mine” starts off with sassy lyrics and a hypnotic melody and will leave you trying to sing along to the background vocals and nodding your head to the beat even after the song is over. “Let me slip inside your ultraviolet disguise, the daylight holds you close but tonight you are mine,” is repeated throughout the song in what is most likely a heartfelt metaphor.

However, “This Time Around” seems to stand out from the group of songs. The acoustic track tells a story about broken love and it seems to pick up more and more momentum with each passing second. The last track winds down at three minutes and fifty-eight seconds which is about a minute or so too long. The last 40 seconds of the track are solely instrumental and I am left questioning whether or not there anything left of the song. In its entirety, the song was a good one, but the ending was not as polished at it could have been.

After joining the 8123 family alongside bands such as The Maine and This Century, the public has been trying to gauge how The Technicolors will hold their ground.

Ultraviolet Disguise is a collection of songs that prove the band’s dedication and willingness to branch out and incorporate various different genres of music into their sound. If this release is any indication of what the band holds for the future, they are on their way to success.

The band is currently on the American Candy Tour alongside The MaineReal Friends and Knuckle Puck. To hear more from The Technicolors, you can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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