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Album Review: The Venetia Fair ‘Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain’


The Venetia FairLet me be the first to admit; I love, and I mean this sincerely, love any album that sounds that it could be the soundtrack to a musical or really theatrical film, especially when it’s not the purpose of the music.

The album immediately kicks off with“Too Late To Dream,” which hits you like a gust of wind. It’s quick, but it has a beat to it. Each line is enunciated with a passion, a fervent need to get the point across.

Then comes the jazzy, Roaring-Twenties-esque track “The Day I Set Them Free,” which I really like. It starts off with this perfect piano and that “Al Capone feel” sticks around for the rest of the song. However, the band manages to bring an edge to it, making this track not only catchy and fun, but also showcasing their talent. In a similar vein,“The Saints of Gomorrah” utilizes the piano to really illustrate that same edgy contrast.

“We Used To Worship The Moon” is like a Tim Burton production on Broadway, which isn’t a bad thing. It just pulls you in with a “How is this working?” vibe, and entrances you. It’s difficult to explain. You have to listen for yourself to understand. (and I recommend you do). “Only In The Morning” follows the same theatrical, Burton-esque style. Truthfully, it reminds me of a circus at the beginning. But you can’t miss out on the power in the guitar and vocals, or the steady pounding on the drums. It’s too good to ignore.

“The Dirt Won’t Keep Your Secrets” is haunting. The opening of this song seems to immediately paint a picture of a couple in a fierce tango. Every verse paints the image across your mind’s canvas. It’s a wonderful addition to the album and really adds to the theatrics that it seems to play on.

“Bleeding a Stone” has an incredibly feisty energy to it that helps make this a really enjoyable track. It’s got an angst to it, but not in a played-out, “Everybody sucks” way, which is a refreshing change of pace!

“Go On, Paint Me a Picture” is one of the most surprising song on the list. It’s slower to start, but the emotion that pours out is awe-inspiring. Lyrically, it’s fantastically honest; no filters, no sparing any feelings, just out there.

Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain is, overall, the perfect medley of beautiful melodies, powerful vocals, and the rock n’ roll aggression we all love so much. For many musicians, this would have been very difficult to pull off, but The Venetia Fair do it, and they do it well! I love the use of the piano in most of the tracks, because they really finish each song off well and tie the album together well. Overall, I think it’s something people should listen to, regardless of if the genre is their “style”or not, because it truly is a fascinating album.

(Liv Simister)

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