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ALBUM REVIEW: Tonight Alive ‘The Other Side’

tonight aliveAlthough female vocalists are perhaps not as few and far between as they once were, they still seem to be somewhat of a rarity in the world of pop punk. For a short time, bands with female vocalists seemed to be appearing everywhere, perhaps hoping to mirror bands that had really taken off with ladies leading the way. Does the band Paramore ring a bell? While the popularity of many of these bands may have faded, Tonight Alive has managed to obtain quite a large fan base not just in their home country of Australia, but in fact all over the world. With one listen to their new album The Other Side, it’s clear why.

Propelled by vocalist Jenna McDougall’s gorgeous vocals, the album kicks off with “The Ocean,” and after one listen to this track I was already looking forward to every track that followed. The track “The Other Side,” is beautifully written and filled with emotions that I would say most everyone can identify with. In other words, prepare to play this one super loud in your car and sing along dramatically to every word. The closing track, “You Don’t Owe Me Anything” is yet another song full of well-written emotion.

The Other Side is full of substance, and at times raw emotion. However, it packs the same rocker anthem punch you would expect from a Tonight Alive album. I personally hadn’t given Tonight Alive a listen in quite some time, and after listening to each track on The Other Side I know that Tonight Alive will now be a staple in my music collection.

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