Album Review: TRC “The Story So Far”

The “hardcore” genre is one that many have described as one with an acquired taste. I define it more as “either you love it, and you’ll always love it, or you hate it, but you respect the effort.” When listening to TRC’s latest release The Story So Far, it’s difficult not to be intrigued, if not fascinated with the genre’s ambiguity.

From the get-go, TRC manages to jump right into their listeners face (and eardrums), but in a way that leaves you wanting more. “#TEAMUK” is a nationalistic track with hip-hop influences that seem almost comparable to that of the work of Dizzee Rascal, a rapper also from the UK. As a fellow Brit, I may be biased in saying this is a standout song, but one listen and I guarantee the majority would agree.

In comparison to the start-and-stop energy given off by “#TEAMUK,” the song “Heartless” has a never-ending quality to it. The best way to explain it would be going on a run in the winter and reaching the last mile, but feeling like if you keep going you’ll never breathe again. I believe that’s in part due to the two different sets of vocals that are displayed on The Story So Far, which is also something that makes the album special. While one vocalist showcases the traditional deep scream, the other shows off an original set of crisp ones. Both have proven they’re more than capable of screaming correctly, as you can actually understand the words in the songs, unlike many disasters I’ve come across on iTunes.

The most impressive track is “London’s Greatest Love Story,” with well written lyrics and a quality guitar solo. For an album that is seemingly lacking in the melody department, this song brings it into the home stretch and puts the final piece into place for what can only be described as a statement album.

TRC seems to be branding themselves and working to develop an even larger fan-base; an effort which The Story So Far definitely can assist in, as it’s impossible to ignore.

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