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ALBUM REVIEW: Twice My Size ‘Chasing Skylines’

531938_451138181631859_1831233212_nTwice My Size’s new EP Chasing Skylines is nostalgia to me. It’s long drives with my earbuds in and the punk turned way up. It’s stumbling across that Blink-182 album for the first time, and learning how to sing “Na Na Na” with the same accent Tom Delonge does. It’s playing music with friends and pulling faces while we sing to each other. In other words, this EP just makes me happy. It’s entrancing and charming, and I honestly just want to go watch it performed live. 

Chasing Skylines kicks off with “D.O.A.” There is something about it that I just find irresistible. Maybe it’s just the fact that it gives off a bittersweet tone lyrically, but the contrast of the Warped-esque instrumental bring the song’s potential to be a fan-favorite.

The title-track of the EP comes in like an anthem featured on the soundtrack of a film. Lyrically, it feels like it was written for the down-trodden, for the fans you can imagine approaching Twice My Size at a show and sharing a personal story of how their music had a positive effect. “Hands up if you’re young and you’re hopeless,” vocalist Josh Frederick belts out, and I will admit without shame that I got so into the track, I did put my hands up. This is a summer-drive song, it’s the song you hear at the show and bounce to, and feel every word.

“Game On” is a perfect bridge from the more anthemic part of the EP to the more sarcastic, biting side. With catchy “Woah-oh-oh-oh”s, it’s very difficult to resist falling into the song, and losing yourself in enjoying it.

“Oh Yeah, Fame’s a Bitch” is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical track, with a similar energy to the Good Charlotte classic “Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous.” It seems to really embrace the sound that listeners of punk and pop-punk became accustomed to in the early 2000s, and Twice My Size is bringing it back, much to my delight.

Keeping the energy up, and finishing Chasing Skylines off as strong as it began, Twice My Size provide your ears with “Last Chance Little Miss Nobody,” with the bouncy chorus that is sure to translate well live. I might even go as far as saying this is my favorite song from the EP (though it is in competition with the “Chasing Skylines”).

With almost hyper-active guitar parts, it’s impossible to sit still throughout the entire EP. Every track had me grinning, bouncing my head, and rocking in my seat, as if I was going to start jumping like a crazy person. Another point for the Brits! Please check Twice My Size out, because you won’t regret it.

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