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ALBUM REVIEW: Twin Atlantic ‘The Great Divide’

twin-atlantic-great-divideTwin Atlantic is a name many people are probably familiar with. Ever since they released their second album Free, the band has been making waves in the music industry. Twin Atlantic, like their counterparts Biffy Clyro, is another one of those Scottish bands that cause people to swoon at the sound of their voices. Just like Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic seem to possess a natural talent for producing energetic alternative rock anthems that grab at your heart and your vocal chords – resulting in you raucously singing along even if you don’t know the words.

I have been following the band since the release of their debut album Vivarium and I have been mesmerised by them ever since. Their touching alternative rock anthems like “What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?” hook you from the get-go and you can never get enough of them and their dreamy Scottish accents. As somebody who is familiar work, their new album The Great Divide is more of a great leap in maturity and musical growth from Vivarium to this album. It would be more apt to call Free “The Great Divide” as it serves as a transition period from the rough, unrefined energy of Vivarium to the infectious, finely polished and powerful energy of The Great Divide.

From the symphonic acoustic introduction of “The Ones That I Love” to the final sputtering of guitar riffs in “Why Won’t We Change?” Twin Atlantic showcase an inanely inherent talent for effortlessly creating stupendously amazing music. The effortless, yet brilliant, change-over from the acoustic “The Ones That I Love” to their energetic lead single “Heart And Soul” is a prime example of how this comes to easily to them. You aren’t even aware that final part of “The Ones That I Love” serves as an opening into “Heart And Soul” as it all seems to seamlessly fit together. One second you’re listening to Sam McTrusty (lead singer) mourn for the disenfranchised youth that have lost touch with music and the next second you’re being lead into McTrusty seducing you with the lyrics “I flicked the switch on the generator so that I could turn you on.”

Twin Atlantic doesn’t stop there though. The Great Divide is a series of songs that displays effortlessly brilliant lyricism and musicianship. The screech of razor-sharp guitar riffs plays out behind McTrusty gorgeous vocals as he utters the lyrics of “Hold On, If You Can Be Strong.” Upon “Brothers And Sisters” Twin Atlantic take the approach of their fellow countryman Biffy Clyro. They alternate between acoustic tracks on the main verses and then erupt into an energetic and very much in your face style of alternative rock which successfully has your chanting the chorus of “I’m talking to my brothers and sisters /  I miss the conversations between us / There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer so where are you now?” The alternative rock grandeur is punctuated by the acoustic “Oceans” which serves as a mood breaker before Twin Atlantic launches into the second-half of the album with edgy songs like “I Am An Animal” and “Cell Mate.” This edgy nature is punctuated by songs like “Be A Kid” which an alternative rock anthem to its very core.

If you’re lucky enough to get the deluxe edition of The Great Divide then you shall be greeted by a gorgeous acoustic cover of “Heart And Soul.” The thing that Twin Atlantic has done with this album is create something that is bound to get people talking about them. They had already done it with Free but The Great Divide is going to be that album that cements their position in the music scene.  Biffy Clryo should be nervous as these young Scottish lads may be over-taking them in the near future.

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