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ALBUM REVIEW: Twin Radio ‘The Coast of Indigo’

Twin RadioMusic can convey so many emotions in so many different ways. People can express feelings of pure love with something so heavy, or so seemingly opposite of the typical ballad, and it will still sound like something beautiful. Twin Radio have fine-tuned this ability on their new LP The Coast of Indigo.

Twin Radio kicks the LP off with “Still Burning,” which is filled with sarcastic, biting attitude that will knock you back instantly. Corey Highland’s vocals, which start out in a more guttural tone, suddenly reach new heights as the song progresses. Accompanied by drummer Jacob Dawson, the song becomes a Warped-Tour-esque anthem that encourages lots of jumping, stomping, and, more importantly, clapping.

“In Moonlight” is a little lighter to start, but then Jered Youngbar comes in on guitar and an edge is created. The track is slightly more melodic, with an intense amount of imagery. Essentially, it’s a love song, but there is something that seems very…Fifty Shades of Grey, is the only way I can describe it, as the lyrics take a turn into talking about having control over a lover. If anything, this is a track that needs to be added to that films soundtrack, if it ever comes out. This is the punk-rock version of a love ballad. All punk-rocker boys, listen up, this is what you play for your girlfriend!

“Coletta and Cordell” is the final track of the EP, and definitely the most high-energy, straight from the get-go. There is a fantastic entanglement of the percussion section—Dawson on the drums and Brandon Fingerman on the bass. Once again, this is truly a love song. It’s beautifully written, as is easy to hear, especially when you give the lyrics a minute to be processed. Highland seems to channel his inner William Beckett when performing. Now there’s a tour I want to see

Overall, The Coast of Indigo is an impressive LP that Twin Radio should be ridiculously proud of. There is plenty of anticipation for a full-length album from them, and one listen to this LP will be enough to back that up.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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