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Album Review: Uh-Huh Baby Yeah! ‘Trash Talk’

Uh Huh Baby YeahThe true battle in a conflict isn’t the conflict itself, but how you react to it. Some people overcompensate with optimism, some go back to the way they were (if not a bit wiser), and others become bitter. However, I believe that it’s what you do with those emotions that counts. Uh-huh Baby Yeah! have taken all their feelings and made something out of them.

From the get-go, the album launches into a tongue-in-cheek energy that will have you dancing in your seat. “Dances With Wolves” has a melodic attitude to it that is irresistible. There’s a bit of screaming in the track, so be warned before you turn your speakers way, way up.

If you’re looking for a bitter break-up song, “Whores Will Be Whores” is your anthem. With biting lyrics and rhythm hitting you left and right, you can’t help but fall into the pattern of bobbing your head and singing along. As the guitar picks up speed, your adrenaline picks up and the desire to jump like you’re in the pit at a concert is ridiculous. I imagine that this, despite the screaming profanity, maybe even because of it, will be amazing to watch live.

“Dead Friends” showcases some of the strongest vocals I’ve heard in a while. Kevin Fletcher has no problem belting out line upon line. Truthfully, this is probably one of my favorite tracks on Trash Talk. There’s something about it that just entrances you and you can’t help but want to keep replaying it. It might be the way it showcases the abilities of Uh-huh Baby Yeah! so well, or the fact that it’s just ridiculously well done; whatever it is, “Dead Friends” is easily going to be a fan-favorite.

Like a double-whammy, you’re hit with the song “C*ntroversey,” which starts off like a great pop-punk melody should. Much like “Dead Friends,” I find myself kind of in love with this track. I think it’s the “you-ooh”s that appeal to me the most, but throughout the song, the five-piece prove that it’s difficult to put them in a box, because they seem to embrace most genres and blend them together perfectly.

Finishing off as strongly as they began, Uh-huh Baby Yeah! leave you with “You Creep Me Out” and “Ocean of You,” both of which leave you in awe. “You Creep Me Out” is the last burst of energy on the album. “Ocean of You,” while a bit softer, is not a ballad or slow-song. It seems to be the more pensive stage following a conflict; reflecting on bitterness and a yearning that is clear from both a lyrical and musical standpoint.

Uh-huh Baby Yeah! hit the mark with Trash Talk, embracing emotions often overlooked and underutilized by other artists. By the time the album is over, you’ll want to watch the songs performed live. Trash Talk has a power to it that is easy to imagine on stage; it will transfer nicely. Please listen to this album, if not just to watch the concert in your head.

Purchase a CD of ‘Trash Talk’ here and buy concert tickets here.

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