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ALBUM REVIEW: Prey On The Fallen Self-Titled EP

506e0b17-c01c-4d9c-9771-c598a72be73b_zpsb9066b7bLos Angeles’ Prey on the Fallen have decided to try something a bit different with their latest release, EPK. In a scene surrounded by breakdowns, polished vocals and screamed parts, it can be hard to break out. People can become disappointed hearing the same sort of thing over and over. This seems to have motivated the band to try something unique. Prey on the Fallen have used a different formula for this release: a return to strictly rock and roll sound.

The album starts off strong with the track “Prey on the Fallen,” an anthemic, and charged song. Singer Kurt Loun’s vocals are dramatic and could be likened to Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson. In fact, the general feel of the track is very much like early metal: blistering guitar solos and all.

What makes the album unique is the different approach the band takes. They could employ less gritty vocals and more breakdowns, but insist on using the tried and true rock and roll sound. This release would not be out of place in a fan of Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath’s collection. It is grassroots rock music, and it’s a welcome change.

The band shifts tactics on, “Sherman’s March.” The pace and guitar work has a much more punk feel, fast and gritty. Prey on the Fallen continue with their formula for the rest of the album, which admittedly becomes a bit predictable. However, it is a solid effort and their musicianship should be praised. The highlight of the album is their well-done cover of The Eagles’ “Hotel California.” What was a classic rock song gets a heavy treatment and would truly sound like a Prey on the Fallen song if the listener was unaware that The Eagles did it first.

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