Alex Gaskarth Calls Out Chris Brown Over Grammy Attendance

Chris-BrownThis past weekend on the 2015 Grammy Awards, President Obama launched a new campaign against domestic violence called #Itsonus.

As we all can recall, Chris Brown was the perpetrator of many cases of violence, including the domestic case he had against singer, Rihanna. The singer attended the Grammy’s on Sunday night, but things got interesting when Alex Gaskarth, the All Time Low frontman, took to Twitter with a valid complaint against the Grammy’s. He called out Chris Brown personally, stating that it was a “double standard” for singer Chris Brown to be attending the Grammy’s since they were debuting the new campaign.

The two hashed it out on Twitter, which didn’t settle anything but definitely put the thought in a lot of people’s heads. Should Chris Brown have been invited to the Grammy’s when he has a violent past, or should he be forgiven and given another chance? Don’t forget to comment your opinion and let us know what you think!

Read the tweets between Alex Gaskarth and Chris Brown below, after the jump!

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