Andrew McMahon Explains ‘The Pop Underground’ Vinyl Delay

Andrew McMahonAndrew McMahon’s new EP, The Pop Underground, was released on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there’s been a delay with the vinyl pressings. Read an email that was sent to those who purchased the vinyl below, purchase a CD or vinyl of The Pop Underground here and buy concert tickets here!

First and foremost thank you for your recent purchase of my new EP, The Pop Underground. This is an exciting moment for me and I am honored to share it with you. I wanted to keep you up to speed with the status of your order and when to anticipate its arrival.

Your digital download will be available as expected on release day and you can access it by opening the link that you will receive tomorrow, in an email.

The vinyl will arrive in our staging warehouse next week and we will be working with care to quickly package and ship your order. Our original ship date was intended to be this Tuesday and due to a delay in the vinyl delivery most orders will likely ship the week of May 6. I am very much a perfectionist and the thought of a delay on my first release is incredibly upsetting to me, as I’m sure it is to you. That said, Pirates Press, our manufacturer, is highly regarded as the best in the business and they encountered a rare hold up at customs when shipping the album from their plant in Prague.

I am sincerely sorry for this delay. I take your trust as a consumer very seriously and with this in mind I’ve put together some additional items that will ship with your vinyl packages as a thank you for your patience and understanding.

1. You will now receive an autographed copy of the lyrics for The Pop Underground’s first single, Synesthesia.

2. Each package will now include an AM logo sticker. The first ever printed.

For any further questions, contact the customer service email,, or tweet @amcmahonshop.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and thank you for sharing in this new adventure with me. I hope you enjoy The Pop Underground!


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