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Anthony Raneri To Release Solo Record

Anthony RaneriIn a recent interview, Bayside’s Anthony Raneri revealed that he recently finished recording a solo record that will be out in June. Following that, he says that he will be heading out on tour just before hitting the studio to record the latest Bayside album. Take a look at his statement and the full interview after the jump.

This May, the band will be going to the UK for a short tour with Creeper and Tiger Club. Check out the dates below.

Fans can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

There’s sort of like a list of improtance, and a list of priorities. Obviously, we’re going to put out records sort of every “x” amount of time. In between those records, I try to do a solo record, when Bayside has time off. If there’s no Bayside record to be made, there’s no solo record to be made, then we’ll do a cover record. It’s always like, “What do we have going on this next six months?” If we just put out a Bayside record, I’m gonna start writing a solo record. If the Bayside record is still new-ish, and the solo record is still new-ish, and we want to put something out, we can go do a Covers record. It’s hard to fit it in. For instance, I’m gonna put a solo record out in June. I just finished recording it before this tour. Then I’m gonna tour on that for a little bit. Then when that’s over, this fall we’re going to start writing the next Bayside record. The problem with the Covers record is, do we put off writing the  nect Bayside record in the fall to record a Covers record, or do we just get started on the next Bayside record. The timing was perfect for that first one because we were coming off of Wind-Up, and we were ready to make Cult, but we wound up getting offered the Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends Tour. We were about to go in the studio, and then that tour came up and we were like, “Okay, cancel the studio, let’s do this tour, and then we’ll go in the studio.” And then Alkaline Trio call, and we were like, “Well, that tour just has to happen. That’s the tour everybody’s been waiting for, the Bayside-Alkaline Trio tour.” It’s the one everybody’s been waiting for, so we had to do that. We put off making Cult for almost an entire year beacuse of touring that we wanted to do instead. So it was perfect timing, because we were like “We have to put out new music, we haven’t put out new music in like, 2 or 3 years. We just gotta put something out.” So that was, like, perfect timing for the Covers record.

Check out the full interview here.


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