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ALBUM REVIEW: Let It Happen “It Hurts But It’s Worth It.” Album Reviews 

ALBUM REVIEW: Let It Happen “It Hurts But It’s Worth It.”

The artwork staring up at me is the perfect intro into Let It Happen’s It Hurts But It’s Worth It. The album cover shows a bare apartment with the last of the owner’s boxes being hauled out. It sets the stage for a journey (quite literally) representing new beginnings, moving on, and overall transitions.  This photo lays the groundwork for an album in which each track delivers tales of love, loss and youth filled stories encompassing feelings I can only imagine involve long summer nights and even longer bouts of self discovery.

Let It Happen hits the nail on the head, having perfected tried & true rhythms and beats which listeners can instantly identify with. It’s teen angst cries with adult poise and future hope all wrapped into one solidly concise EP.

Check it out here!

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