Avion Roe-The Art of Fiction

Avion Roe

The Art of Fiction

Let’s start with something I usually don’t mention-the album cover. A pair of very weary, tired looking eyes peer out at the recipient from what looks to be a beautifully constructed mess of colors ranging in reds, greens, yellows and blacks.  It’s impossibly haunting, and it immediately has me intrigued as to what sort of music this album could possibly hold.

From the moment the first chords on Avion Roe’s opener, “Oxygen” strike, I can tell this is going to be a journey. It’s pop-rock enough to catch the ears of the mainstream media, yet it’s filtered and mature enough to grab the attention of a more seasoned audience. Their lyrics are catchy, and well planned, yet musically their style is unique enough that I don’t feel I’ve heard these beats a hundred times before. In short, I can’t stop listening. Though “Hollow Heartsseems to be a fan favorite, and I can gauge why, “Safe To Say” is among my personal favorites with a healthy mix of uplifting beats and honest lyrics.

Paige and 14th has me intrigued, as it is seemingly a departure from the melodies the rest of the album carries. Not to mention, the title alone deduces all sorts of images as to what kind of story it could hold.

As the album comes to a close at just under 40 minutes, it’s clear that Avion Roe has managed to create something not only catchy or entertaining-but well thought out and captivating as well, which will allow fans to enjoy the album in a different light each time it plays.

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