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Asking Alexandria Are Ready to Record With Danny Worsnop

2-25 AskingIt seems the vibes from the ongoing Sumerian Records 10 Years in the Black Tour have done Asking Alexandria some good. Though producer Matt Good had already hinted the group have recorded new material with original vocalist Danny Worsnop, AA drummer James Cassells confirmed the idea of more music featuring Worsnop during an interview.

While he chatted with Texas radio station KFMX, Cassells stated he and the rest of the group have some material ready and are ready to hit the studio with Worsnop after they have become increasingly reacquainted and friendly on the tour. He stated the group intends to write and record, as well as do some behind the scenes stuff this coming year. In the meantime, check out the entirety of Cassells’ review with KFMX after the jump.

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