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Detroit born and formed, Lilac Lungs are bringing a bold new sound to the genre. Formed in 2015, they’ve opened for big names such as Emarosa, Slaves, and The Orphan, The Poet. From the beginning, they’ve grown and found their own specialty in what they do. Their sound is something similar to what you might hear on the radio but with lyrics that aren’t afraid to stand out and drive right into your heart. The words will make you think twice and see a new perspective. Eventide will make you rethink the way that pop-electro…

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LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS: Assuming We Survive, Colorado Springs, CO

“I once dropped off my daughter at school in our tour bus, and she was embarrassed!” lead singer of Assuming We Survive, Adrian Estrella told my dad and I, to which my father responded with, “Well of course, dads are supposed to embarrass their kids!” It seems a little cheesy and awkward to have your parent hanging out with you when you’re trying to be cool around the lead singer of your favorite band, but that’s where I was on Sunday night. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: As Thick As Thieves ‘Whiskey Bent’

Started out in 2012, As Thick As Thieves began making a name for themselves by touring with bands like Escape the Fate, The Artifact, and Loren Battle. The term ‘hard rock’ doesn’t even begin to describe what the five musicians have created. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like Upon a Burning Body but with their own twist. Their new EP is the big step in making themselves a prominent name in the genre. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: On Broken Wings ‘Disintegrator’

For all those who eagerly jump in the mosh pits at concerts and scream out to get a wall of death started, look no further than the band, On Broken Wings. Formed in 2001, the band spent countless hours crafting only the hardest, most metal, death defying hardcore songs that have ever hit the stage. These five musicians spend their tours with the likes of Killswitch Engage, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Between the Buried and Me.  With four albums already under their belt, their recent release, Disintegrator gives fans something new and exciting to…

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ALBUM REVIEW: A War Within ‘Believe’

Looking for intense vocals, fast beats, and hardcore mixed with EDM? Look no further than A War Within. The band originated from Detroit in 2014 and from that point on, they’ve ascended from the bottom to this year’s tour with genre heavyweights Miss May I and Blessthefall. Their first album kicked off their career and their sophomore album, Believe, promises fans that the band can only go up. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Spoken ‘Breathe Again’

Eighteen years since the their debut release and Spoken is more alive than ever. Not many bands can say that they’ve stayed together as long as Spoken has, and yet, album after album, they focus on perfecting each one. With the latest release, it brings a whole new edge to the group—not to mention a guest appearance by Memphis May Fire‘s Matty Mullins on the title track. There’s something incredibly powerful about Breathe Again. It’s  a powerful, emotional album, with lyrics that speak directly to the listener, proving after all these years…

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PHOTOS/REVIEW: Palisades & Hail the Sun

Hailing from Iselin, New Jersey, the band Palisades has made waves with their addicting electro beats mixed with a classic hardcore sound. It’s a unique, entrancing blend that is specific to them. Since finishing up with Warped Tour 2015, they’ve begun yet another round of traveling. Their non-stop action gives life to every concert venue, no matter how big or small. Each performance packs a punch on the crowd, giving people a name to remember. Between the lights and the energy humming in the place, everyone is seen anxiously waiting for…

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MT-10 Live Reviews Photos 

PHOTOS/REVIEW: Marianas Trench & Secret Someones

Up until 2001, Marianas Trench was known as just the deepest part of the ocean. Since the year the band formed, Marianas Trench has become a rising name in pop punk. Between the fantastic live shows, amazing music videos, and genuine meet-and-greet experiences, the”Trenchers”, as the fans so lovingly call themselves, have supported this band since the beginning. Please follow and like us:

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