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Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182…No…Wait…Yes… (UPDATED)

So if you are a music lover or in the music industry, the last 48 hours have been really confusing. First you wake up hearing lead guitarist and co-lead singer of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, has left the band indefinitely or that he quit outright. A few hours later it’s now a joke? His bandmates didn’t discuss it with him? Journalists messed up really badly? The point is, we have no idea what is happening. After the jump you can find most of the articles (the lines that pertain) and a few ideas…

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BREAKING NEWS…I Guess…One Direction Is Taking A Break (Not A Break Up) [UPDATED]

So, unless you have been living under a really heavy rock, you know that One Direction is disbanding in March to work on solo projects…. Except, they aren’t. Not only are they not taking a break to pursue solo projects, they aren’t breaking up at all. It all started when Dan Wooton (of The Sun) decided he was bored and wanted to create drama (or at least that’s how I imagine it went). So, he wrote an article saying that One Direction is going to take a break for at…

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STREAM: One Direction “Drag Me Down”

Yesterday we learned that One Direction might actually be able to pull of a Beyonce move when they released the first single, “Drag Me Down,” off their fifth studio album, without warning. At around 10 pm last night, the internet exploded as Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles all tweeted, in quick succession, about their single that just dropped moments before. One Direction have tried through both Midnight Memories and FOUR to shed their bubble-gum pop boyband image, with little success. “Drag Me Down” feels like the start of a new…

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INTERVIEW: Forty Feet Tall

Many bands these days drop out of school to pursue their music, Forty Feet Tall has been going a totally different route. Not only are they all in college, but they are all at different schools spread across the West Coast.  Recently, I got a chance to interview these classic-rockers we discussed, college, venues in LA and exactly how they got their song, “Crash And Burn” on Shameless US. Check out the interview below! And, don’t forget to check out my review of the band’s most recent LA show here. …

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PLAYLIST: Degrassi Soundtrack Pt 4

Degrassi Soundtrack Pt 4 took a bit longer than anticipated, but mostly because each of these bands have members with incredible side projects. If you only read one of these during the entire feature, read this one. No matter what genre you love whether ska, punk, pop or even country, this playlist has something for everyone. I hope to have Part 5 up within two days, but it depends on how invested I get in the bands (I got really invested this time.) And don’t forget to watch the two…

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LIVE REVIEW: Aaron Gillespie W/ William Beckett and Nathan Hussey – Los Angeles, The Roxy

There is something really special about a fully acoustic show. I think part of this comes from the camaraderie created from hearing the audience sing just as loudly as the person on stage. It’s a feeling you have to have the chance to experience as often as you can. I am lucky enough to experience this with three pop-punk singers (there are some things you just can’t hear when listening to this genre if you’ve never heard it done acoustically.) Let me try and explain this show in the simplest…

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STREAM: Sink In “The Lighthouse”

Sink In began as a band called Wings To Save. They had a similar sound and were pretty much just as polished as they are now, only with a different band name and a female member. Sink In (the name) quite literally came out of this, no really, Sink In was Wings To Save debut album title. So it only makes sense that the first song Sink In released was from Wings To Save Sink In. (Did you follow that?) The song is called “The Lighthouse” and it is everything that…

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PLAYLIST: Degrassi Soundtrack Pt 3

This week was mostly songs from seasons 5. Though this is still near the beginning of the show, there were enough songs that I had more of a choice when it came to choosing the top 10. One thing I found interesting about this week is that Degrassi resuses artists a lot and even mentions them in the show itself. Even in the alternative universe of the teen drama, these bands and artists really exist. Check out my top 10 soundtrack songs from season 5 of Degrassi below. Check back…

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WATCH: PVRIS “Holy” Music Video

It’s very rare that I’ll get goosebumps and start shivering from the sheer power of a music video, actually, it’s so rare that I can only think of two instances it’s happened. PVRIS’ “Holy” is one. I started by listening to the music video and then I muted the sound. Lead singer Lynn Gunn is able to portray the same pain and emotion with her body as she is with her voice.  The video is in black and white, which seems to be PVRIS’ thing at this point and that does something really…

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WATCH: Matt Jaffe And The Distractions “Stoned On Easter” Music Video

420 means different things to different people. 420 can be all about getting stoned, Easter (some years), and for Matt Jaffe, his birthday. So what better way for him to celebrate than write a song concerning all three, and on April 19, 2014 that is exactly what he did. “Stoned On Easter,” from Matt Jaffe and the Distractions first EP, Blast Off , is instantly catchy and guaranteed to be a huge hit. Though Jaffe is American, he has British undertones to his vocal style that are reminiscent of Alex Turner,…

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