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Standing out as an acoustic artist can be tricky. Some folks hear the term “acoustic” and immediately think slow guitar plucks, soft vocals, earnest lyrics, and that’s about it. Skyler Truth, aka Secret Tree Fort, blows that perception away with his special hybrid of raw acoustic emo and undeniable pop-punk catchiness that chills and thrills in equal measure. Secret Tree Fort’s 2018 EP, titled Willow, sees Truth pouring his deepest, often darkest emotions on the line for everyone to see and feel. These five songs are built on deeply introspective…

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Blending a multitude of genres into your music can be either a blessing or a curse. Sometimes the end result is a mess with no identity, or the band isn’t quite comfortable with any one sound, or the music comes out great but can have difficulty reaching new fans. For Minnesota/Wisconsin-based sextet Laska, however, their mix of folk rock, alt-rock, Americana and soul is the kind of sound some artists strive for a decade or more to create. And their debut album, titled Ceiling Zero, is a blessing in every…

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Regardless of what you do for a living or where you’re at in life, it’s important to venture outside your comfort zone every so often. Especially in music, where opening your mind a bit more can lead to some incredible new experiences. Which is why when I pressed play on Feed Us‘ 2017 LP Delete Your Account, about 30 seconds in to the first song I realized 1) “This isn’t something I usually listen to but it’s incredible” and 2) “I absolutely want to spread the word about these guys.”…

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As we’re being reminded in various areas of American society right now, teenagers are capable of making a positive, and extraordinary, difference in all our lives. They have a fearlessness and desire to try new things, progress, and fight for what they believe in. They don’t stand by and accept the status quo. How on earth does this tie in with our latest Unsigned Spotlight feature? Enter St. Paul, Minnesota’s Bruise Violet, a trio of badass young women making waves in their local scene and beyond with their no-holds-barred, unapologetic…

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Every once in a while you come across a new artist and think know they’re going to be massive, and soon. That’s exactly what came to my mind upon hearing Nashville alternative pop trio Forts Like Vana for the first time. The band’s first single, “Love You Right”, released on January 10 and has amassed over 10,000 Spotify plays in just over a month. As proof that the hype train is only just getting started, Forts Like Vana released their brand new EP, This + This = That, on February…

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INTERVIEW: Kat Robichaud

With her own special brand of theatrical rock & roll and trademark powerhouse vocals, San Francisco-based Kat Robichaud is a true industry force to be reckoned with. A fighter who overcomes every obstacle in her path and constantly strives for new levels of creativity and wonder in her music. Now in spring 2017, she’s back with a brand new album titled Misfit Cabaret which is set to release worldwide this Friday, June 2. In this exclusive interview, Kat spills the details on the new album, the incredible variety of entertainment at her live shows,…

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GUEST BLOG: The Birth of XXI

XXI was born from a passion for Christ and creating a relevant, passionate music. In earlier years (as A Feast For Kings), we didn’t quite know how serious this would all become. Having fun and making lasting friends was all that we needed to feel that we were doing things right. With a complete DIY style we gained a lot of success by way of grabbing as many shows as possible, grinding social medias, and old school word of mouth.  Please follow and like us:

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MY FIRST TIME: Brooke Hummel

In our latest edition of My First Time, Florida-born indie-pop artist Brooke Hummel shares her story of the very first time she sang in front of strangers and how she overcame some daunting nerves to make it one of the most important nights of her life. Enjoy and be sure to check out her cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” at the end! When I first started out as a singer I was really young. Coming in to the industry at such a young age is definitely really intimidating…

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GUEST BLOG: Meet Everyone: The Importance of Making a True Connection

“I don’t care about your grades or the kind of music you make. Just meet everyone – from the doorman, your professors, classmates… everyone. Those relationships will get you and your music farther than anything else.” That was the last thing my dad told me on my first day at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I took his advice to heart and went to show after show, party after party, event after event and thank god I did. It was so atomic, really, how this tour with Kawehi came about. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: From Berlin To Brazil: How Different Cultures Affect Your Music

So here we are, about to embark on a journey across the globe and find out together how the places I’ve lived in have affected me…something I’ve never actually thought about to this day! Usually the first thing that interests me in a new place is the culture. Which basically means (minus all the bullshit) food! I’m sure I can actually make some correlations between the food I ate and different sounds that derived from it (that sounds bad). I’d say that living in Berlin really was a melting pot for…

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