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GUEST BLOG: Recording Two Cheers’ New Album Splendor In My Apartment

In our latest guest blog, Bryan Akcasu of LA-based pop rockers Two Cheers discusses in great detail the ups and downs that came with recording the band’s brand new album Splendor. You can also stream the album in full at the end of the article, so give it a listen while you’re reading and enjoy! As Al Aguilar, friend of mine and frequent Two Cheers multi-instrumentalist, put it: “Some people are all gear and no ear.” We had spent a day recording in a studio in Los Angeles. The studio was decked out with…

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CONTEST: Win A Free Download of The CMDWN’s New Single “This High”

Infectious readers, we have a special treat for you today. We’ve teamed up with Utah’s very own hard rock/R&B quintet The CMDWN to give one lucky music fan a FREE DOWNLOAD of their brand new (and ultra-catchy) single “This High”! To enter the contest, all you have to do is get on Twitter and re-tweet this post to your followers. (Bonus points if you also follow the band.) And voila, you’re done. The contest will remain open until midnight on Thursday, July 23 and the lucky winner will be selected on Friday,…

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INTERVIEW: Kat Robichaud

If you’re a regular reader of Infectious, you know how much we love San Fran-based glam rocker Kat Robichaud, the mastermind behind Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits. Since we last interviewed her in December, Kat has released her long-awaited post-Voice album – to acclaim from fans and critics alike – and last month she released a conceptual new video for the closer “Why Do You Love Me Now”.  In this exclusive new interview, Kat discusses the finer details behind the video’s creation, how it was completed in just one take, what her very…

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GUEST BLOG: Head Above Water With Eyes On The Prize

We can all agree the music industry has changed drastically and it is now harder than ever to get noticed, and stay relevant. The days of a “record label run” industry are over, and independent bands have run amuck. With so many bands creating so much competition, how do you ensure you have a future in the music industry? In our many years playing in bands, writing music, and touring the country . . . here are a few things we’ve learned that are worth noting. Keep your chin up….

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PLAYLIST: Spencer Sutherland Selects Summer Songs

In this week’s special Playlist, fast-rising pop/R&B artist Spencer Sutherland shares a few of his favorite songs to enjoy in the summertime. Stream them all below and be sure to check out his amazing cover of “FourFiveSeconds” at the end!   Since it’s July, I thought I would make a summer jam playlist! These are songs I play when I’m cruising by myself, or with my friends enjoying the afternoon before a studio session. It’s all about vining, kicking back and just enjoying life. These are all fun and feel good songs!…

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MY FIRST TIME: Chelsea Dash

In our latest edition of My First Time, powerhouse pop vocalist Chelsea Dash shares an extremely unique story about her first experience in a recording studio – after being approached as a child to record a campaign song for 1996 presidential candidate Ross Perot! I started singing very young, younger than most. In fact, my mother and father like to tell people that I was able to sing a perfect melody I heard on a television or radio commercial even before I could properly talk. I began taking voice lessons at age five to…

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PLAYLIST: 10 Classic Songs That Influenced Jocelyn Arndt

Infectious readers, have we got a treat for you today. Soul/blues-rocker Jocelyn Arndt and her brother/co-writer/lead guitarist Chris teamed up with us to discuss ten classic songs by iconic artists who have influenced their sound ever since they were children. You can stream the songs while you’re reading and be sure to check out Jocelyn’s fantastic and fittingly titled single “Here To Stay” at the end! Horns, vibraphone, Hammond organ, and Chris’s throwback guitar work – our latest release “Here to Stay” is definitely on the retro side. In recognition of our…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Hone Your Brand Identity

The “music industry” is built completely on relationships and friendships. Unfortunately, we can’t just be artists in our bedroom creating songs that are cool to our ears. If we want to get the music out there, we have to learn to connect to people. That being said, a band needs to truly understand and hone their brand identity if they want to be able to connect to the world. Their brand is who they are, and if you don’t brand yourself then others will. WASI lives by the motto that…

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GUEST BLOG: The Challenge To Dream

On May 27th our phones rang, informing us that Logan Fincher (Millennial’s Lead Guitarist) was in the emergency room with a brain bleed. The waiting game began with nurses coming in and out, telling us the next steps. Logan showed no fear until they told him he would be in ICU to await surgery a long ten days later. He only asked one question: “Am I going to be ok?” It is times like these where it is hard to think positively, it feels much easier to fear the worst….

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PLAYLIST: LA-Based Bands Who Inspired Los Angelics

In a special tribute to their hometown of Los Angeles, electro/alternative rockers Los Angelics have compiled a playlist of their favorite songs from fellow LA-based bands along with a few influential rock classics. So check out their choices below and be sure to stream Los Angelics’ single “Live Like Kings (Mexico)” at the end!  Please follow and like us:

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