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GUEST BLOG: The Birth of XXI

XXI was born from a passion for Christ and creating a relevant, passionate music. In earlier years (as A Feast For Kings), we didn’t quite know how serious this would all become. Having fun and making lasting friends was all that we needed to feel that we were doing things right. With a complete DIY style we gained a lot of success by way of grabbing as many shows as possible, grinding social medias, and old school word of mouth.  Please follow and like us:

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MY FIRST TIME: Brooke Hummel

In our latest edition of My First Time, Florida-born indie-pop artist Brooke Hummel shares her story of the very first time she sang in front of strangers and how she overcame some daunting nerves to make it one of the most important nights of her life. Enjoy and be sure to check out her cover of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Love Me Like You Mean It” at the end! When I first started out as a singer I was really young. Coming in to the industry at such a young age is definitely really intimidating…

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GUEST BLOG: Meet Everyone: The Importance of Making a True Connection

“I don’t care about your grades or the kind of music you make. Just meet everyone – from the doorman, your professors, classmates… everyone. Those relationships will get you and your music farther than anything else.” That was the last thing my dad told me on my first day at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I took his advice to heart and went to show after show, party after party, event after event and thank god I did. It was so atomic, really, how this tour with Kawehi came about. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: From Berlin To Brazil: How Different Cultures Affect Your Music

So here we are, about to embark on a journey across the globe and find out together how the places I’ve lived in have affected me…something I’ve never actually thought about to this day! Usually the first thing that interests me in a new place is the culture. Which basically means (minus all the bullshit) food! I’m sure I can actually make some correlations between the food I ate and different sounds that derived from it (that sounds bad). I’d say that living in Berlin really was a melting pot for…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Dream Like A Rockstar

In this beautifully written and insightful guest blog, Brooklyn alternative/electro-rock powerhouse Kai Altair delves into the importance of dreams, surrounding yourself with the right people, and how artists can help make the entire human experience a little better for everyone. Enjoy!  Artists, musicians, dancers, and dreamers all live in a different place from time to time. We skitter around at the edges of things, pushing up against boundaries of real and unreal, seen and unseen. We perceive subtle shifts in energies and frequency, and often experience emotion and relationships via dizzying highs…

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GUEST BLOG: Recording Two Cheers’ New Album Splendor In My Apartment

In our latest guest blog, Bryan Akcasu of LA-based pop rockers Two Cheers discusses in great detail the ups and downs that came with recording the band’s brand new album Splendor. You can also stream the album in full at the end of the article, so give it a listen while you’re reading and enjoy! As Al Aguilar, friend of mine and frequent Two Cheers multi-instrumentalist, put it: “Some people are all gear and no ear.” We had spent a day recording in a studio in Los Angeles. The studio was decked out with…

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CONTEST: Win A Free Download of The CMDWN’s New Single “This High”

Infectious readers, we have a special treat for you today. We’ve teamed up with Utah’s very own hard rock/R&B quintet The CMDWN to give one lucky music fan a FREE DOWNLOAD of their brand new (and ultra-catchy) single “This High”! To enter the contest, all you have to do is get on Twitter and re-tweet this post to your followers. (Bonus points if you also follow the band.) And voila, you’re done. The contest will remain open until midnight on Thursday, July 23 and the lucky winner will be selected on Friday,…

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INTERVIEW: Kat Robichaud

If you’re a regular reader of Infectious, you know how much we love San Fran-based glam rocker Kat Robichaud, the mastermind behind Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits. Since we last interviewed her in December, Kat has released her long-awaited post-Voice album – to acclaim from fans and critics alike – and last month she released a conceptual new video for the closer “Why Do You Love Me Now”.  In this exclusive new interview, Kat discusses the finer details behind the video’s creation, how it was completed in just one take, what her very…

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GUEST BLOG: Head Above Water With Eyes On The Prize

We can all agree the music industry has changed drastically and it is now harder than ever to get noticed, and stay relevant. The days of a “record label run” industry are over, and independent bands have run amuck. With so many bands creating so much competition, how do you ensure you have a future in the music industry? In our many years playing in bands, writing music, and touring the country . . . here are a few things we’ve learned that are worth noting. Keep your chin up….

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PLAYLIST: Spencer Sutherland Selects Summer Songs

In this week’s special Playlist, fast-rising pop/R&B artist Spencer Sutherland shares a few of his favorite songs to enjoy in the summertime. Stream them all below and be sure to check out his amazing cover of “FourFiveSeconds” at the end!   Since it’s July, I thought I would make a summer jam playlist! These are songs I play when I’m cruising by myself, or with my friends enjoying the afternoon before a studio session. It’s all about vining, kicking back and just enjoying life. These are all fun and feel good songs!…

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