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REVIEW: Here’s To You – ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’

When I listen to a debut, I never take it at face-value. I never listen to it and think, “This is all [insert band name here] has to offer.” I know it’s an introduction, and it could be one that either shows a lot of promise or one that makes me sad inside. Thankfully, Here’s To You have offered a debut that, while not perfect, showcases definite potential. To be honest, as someone who adores pop-punk and its catchy choruses and group vocals, I was surprised to find that I…

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REVIEW: Broke Royals – ‘The Luxury of Time Pt. II’

The scary thing about EPs is that they are a small shot to let listeners know who you are; a bit like the cover letter of your resume, if you will. For some bands, they truly shine, even with a limited amount of time to announce themselves to you; some, unfortunately, seem to crumble under the pressure. With just five tracks, Broke Royals made a huge impact, and I won’t soon be forgetting their sound anytime soon. From beginning to end, Broke Royals exemplify originality and utilize their talents to…

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REVIEW: What’s Eating Gilbert – ‘That New Sound You’re Looking For’

That New Sound You’re Looking For is a charming fusion of 50’s/60’s doo wop sounds and the subtle presence of Gilbert’s pop-punk background. So while the sound isn’t entirely “new,” it’s definitely what I was looking for, especially for a great summer playlist (ex. “Who Do You Love” with 50’s vibes and pop-punk vocals). From the get-go, What’s Eating Gilbert has the vintage sound in mind, incorporating the sound of a vinyl into the introduction on “You’re The Most,” which utilizes the “conversation” between male and female vocalists, breathing life into the track, and…

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Women In Music “Boldly” Going Without Make-up

One of the Top Trending topics on Facebook currently is Tyra Banks. The model and media mogul recently took a selfie sans make-up, and posted the photo, unaltered. While Banks looks stunning no matter what, the media declared her action “bold,” which left one of our writers questioning why, if going without makeup was so bold, she never had an article written about her…and what about the countless other women who frequently go sans makeup? Well, here are 20 women in music who “boldly” run the world frequently without makeup:…

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REVIEW: Travis Hayes – ‘Love Songs’ EP

Love songs are everywhere. I’m pretty convinced we hear them for the entire month of February, and they’re usually overdone. In the last few years, finding a decent love song has been the bane of Mix-Tape-Makers everywhere. Enter Travis Hayes. Hayes’s debut album, Young Daze, was a soundtrack to growing up, but his latest three-track release, Love Songs, takes a hard look at love. Featuring the vocals of Emily Whitehurst, the small EP packs an unbelievable punch with acoustics that will tug at each individual heartstring. Please follow and like us:

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REVIEW: The Maine – ‘American Candy’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Maine never cease to amaze me. From the opening notes of “Miles Away” to the fade out of “Another Night On Mars,” American Candy proves to be a wonderful addition to the bands eclectic discography with its summery tone and subtle innocence. “Miles Away” is a rhythmic, harmonic introduction to the album, featuring a catchy chorus. The track overall seems to showcase the blend of the upbeat flare of The Maine’s old pop-punk style and the skill of their more recent…

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REVIEW: Kids – ‘Rich Coast’

I wish I could say there was something wrong with Rich Coast, by Kids. I wish I could say, “I am so clever; I’ve figured out how they could improve upon this, this, and this.” But I can’t. Not even a full month in, and this has to be one of the most perfect albums of 2015. Filled with theatrics, incredible imagery, and appearing to draw from the films that many have long since forgotten, Kids have created an album of quality that needs to be on everyone’s wish list/playlist/etc. for…

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REVIEW: Sidewalk Driver – ‘My Face’

Without a shred of hesitance, Sidewalk Driver kicks off My Face (that sounds so violent…) with classic rock and roll style and edge, and amazing harmonics, using “Kidnapped” to set the tone for the entire album. At first, this track had me a little nervous about the mental sanity of our narrator (kidnapping someone to stage a rescue and have the victim fall for them), but as the track progresses, it becomes quite metaphorical, taking the idea of doing crazy things for love to a whole new level…Bonus points for…

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REVIEW: A Skylit Drive – ‘Rise: Ascension’

Normally, when one thinks of an acoustic version of an album, they imagine the coffee-shop setting, an artist sitting on a stool with a guitar on their knee. Even those of us who know that is not the limit of the acoustic genre, immediately picture this. A Skylit Drive have taken the re-imagining of their critically-acclaimed album, Rise, to a whole other level, making the songs richer, and more grandiose with Rise: Ascension. This new, unplugged edition of the album is brilliant, showcasing the uninhibited talents of A Skylit Drive, and further showing…

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REVIEW: The Starless – ‘Impulses Drive’ EP

“5 or 8” immediately brings to mind the image of a curtain rising over a stage. Everything about it has me hanging on each note; on each word. Melodic, vocally exceptional, and, overall, electrifying, it’s a sweeping introduction to Impulses Drive that screams “hit single!” There is a stunning power and vibrato to Briana Stroeble’s (rhythm guitar and vocals) vocals. With a more piano/synth driven beat, “Dedicated Lungs” begins like a cry for battle, with Shane Lewis on guitar, aiding the song in its buildup to the first verse. Between the trio, comprised of Stroeble,…

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