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WATCH: 20 Lucky Fans Meet Shakey Graves Through Bandsintown RSViP

If you are an avid user of the Bandsintown app, get excited for this news: For select shows, 10 fans at random who RSVP to an event in Bandsintown are chosen and awarded with an exclusive VIP experience.  Just recently Shakey Graves hosted an RSViP session and you can check out the video after the jump! Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: Women Empowerment In The Music Industry

Before iPads, iPods, and Shuffles, I had a discman.  With tiny little headphones, I used to play Mariah Carey’s albums over and over again until I knew every single word.  Going to the music store would be a weekend adventure where I could escape into my favorite melodies, harmonies, and lyrics.  I had this tape player with speakers just big enough to blast in my bedroom which I would connect my discman to.  I would race home from school, grab a snack, and run up to my room. This was…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Write Your Own Band Bio

Writing about yourself in any capacity is simply the worst. How do you talk about yourself confidently without coming off like an egomaniac or a spineless blob? Where is the happy medium? It’s even tougher when the circumstance forces you to do it in the third person, but it’s a fact of life that everyone, at one point or another has to put their best foot forward for a job, interview, date, whatever. For a band or artist, putting your bio together can be like slamming your head into a…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Make A Fully Choreographed Music Video On A Budget By Grace Ibsen

Are fully choreographed music videos only for mainstream artists? We’ve seen Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, but new artists (with smaller production budgets) are finding creative ways to bring dance to their music videos. With the democratization of technology, it’s easier now than ever before to make affordable choreographed videos. All you need is a great song, a good idea, and the ability to pitch that idea to make something stellar! Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: Top Five Favorite Venues To Play by Jake Morley

David Byrne from Talking Heads is a massive hero of mine for at least two reasons. Firstly he devised ‘Stop Making Sense’ the greatest concert film of all time, and more recently he published ‘How Music Works’, an analytical masterpiece. Both are well worth buying – do it now! The first chapter of his book is all about the way venues shape the kind of music that gets performed in them, and once he starts explaining it, it all feel so obvious. Big arena acts tend to play bold, powerful, obvious songs…

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GUEST BLOG: Top Ten Albums by This Burning City

Like any musician, This Burning City takes its influences from the people they look up to. With that, here is some of the albums we believe to be our favourites. These are albums that we’ve rocked out to dozens and dozens of times. From our smelly band shed to the car, these guys were through it all. Please follow and like us:

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GUEST BLOG: How To Write A Hit Song Or Make Sriracha By Brendan Cunningham

When you’re sitting down to write a song the first thing you want to do is make sure you get really nice, organic peppers. Heirloom varieties would be best but are not necessary. Next you’re going to need some garlic. Every good song has garlic; it’s the bass that the other notes are layered on. Finally, you need some brown sugar (raw cane, obviously), some vinegar (homemade) and some water (spring). Now that you have your inspiration you need to get the gear. A food processor for the wailing licks,…

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GUEST BLOG: 10 Great Songs To Walk To And A Bonus Walk

What makes a song great to walk to? We actually never really thought about it before we were told that our latest single is very appropriate for that purpose. So we started thinking about it and thought it would be easy to make a list of 10 really good walking songs. It wasn’t that easy. We soon discovered that not a lot of the songs we love from sixties have a good straight walking beat. Apparently more seventies and eighties disco songs have a good walking beat. But we didn’t…

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GUEST BLOG: How To Create Your Own Clothing Line by Nina Johnstone of Kiss The Concrete Co.

Creating your own clothing line can be a rewarding venture, but it will not be an easy road. Before you start ANYTHING, you must decide why you want to go into the clothing business. Without having a mission, you can lose track of company goals and lose precious time trying to get back to your initial starting place. Grab a notebook and write down why you want to start this particular brand. Will it be nonprofit based? Will you be donating a portion of proceeds to a particular charity? Will…

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