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ALBUM REVIEW: Chrysalis ‘Reminder’

“I will be there through the darkest of your days” is one of those dreamy one-liners that every girl hopes a man (or woman) will coo to her, gripping an acoustic guitar on the deck of a balcony or fireside in a haughty ski resort. Yet it’s the hook in metal band Chrysalis song “Angel,” a warped banger masquerading as a swoonsome confession of unconditional love. Metal isn’t usually associated with such romantic furor, but that’s where the California hardcore outfit swoop in with Reminder, their 11-track  full-length album. The record, released…

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LIVE REVIEW: Yellowcard at The House of Blues, Boston

Any scene kid – former or active – between the ages of 20 and 30 would pee their pants over the thought of getting to see Yellowcard perform live. The band is practically a Warped Tour institution and one of the highlights of the 2000s emo movement. But with the announcement of the band’s final tour and album, tickets to the band’s Farewell tour remained especially coveted last night (November 7) at the House of Blues Boston, where Yellowcard performed to their final Massachusetts crowd at their sold-out show. Casual…

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ALBUM REVIEW: One Less Reason, ‘The Memories Uninvited’

After 13 years, One Less Reason has established themselves in the business of the 2000s-era rock ‘n’ roll. Memphis-born and fad-tested, the band has maintained their steadfast sound over the course of seven albums – for better or for worse. Their latest release, The Memories Uninvited, is no exception, stringing together 11 songs of unbridled and revved-up band synergy. The Memories Uninvited comes with a sting of nostalgia. The phrase triggers a different part of the unconscious in every listener, stirring up thoughts and memories once buried deep beyond the ability…

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REVIEW: Emo Night Brooklyn

Emo is in the midst of a Renaissance. Blink-182 released their first new music in five years. My Chemical Romance has hinted at re-releasing “Welcome to the Black Parade,” despite their breakup in 2013. Young adults postulate that Suicide Squad will begin a new era of teens saying “rawr” and dying their new shades of neon, especially with the soundtrack tune from twenty one pilots, which some people consider to be the new “emo.” But prior to this recent flurry of events, Emo Night Brooklyn was already ushering in the…

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ruby Rose Fox, “Bury The Body,” “Rock Bottom”

If it takes more than  Ruby Rose Fox ‘s smoldering vocals to impress you, consider re-checking your standards. The decorated Boston crooner bellows with a tenor that was made for the nitty-gritty of the blues, and Fox knows it – but with her latest work, she also proves she’s well-aware that her imagination is just as potent a musical weapon. Much like her creature-feature inspired video for “Dance of Frankenstein,” her double feature of “Bury The Body” and “Rock Bottom” is a full-frontal and unabashed snapshot of Domestic, her forthcoming…

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LIVE REVIEW: Esmé Patterson At The Paradise Rock Club, Boston

With an unmistakable head of auburn curls, Esmé Patterson was the bright-eyed opener for San Fermin at the Paradise yesterday, April 14. From the looks of her album cover for We Were Wild, she seems like a take-no-prisoners, but onstage, she’s a folksy wildflower. Bravely starting her set with two new songs from her forthcoming album, Patterson flaunted new tracks as well as reached back into 2014’s Woman to Woman, a whip-smart concept album that puts Patterson in the shoes of famous fictional women in hit songs. Please follow and…

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LIVE REVIEW: Alex G At The Middle East, Boston

“I always break a f*cking [guitar] string, man,” Alex G bemoaned to his sold-out audience at the Middle East Nightclub Tuesday, April 12. “And now you guys are going to have to see the worst show of your lives.” That wasn’t the general consensus of the myriad of hip kids gathered at the Middle East downstairs, who gathered to see Alex G, Porches, and Your Friend. They swirled around in clothing that was equal parts stylish and fashionably offensive, donning brash colors and patterns absurdly clashing. In the midst of…

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Interview & Live Review: Unwritten Law At The Middle East, Boston

“Today’s the day,” Scott Russo says to me as he taps my knee in excitement on the couch of Unwritten Law’s trailer. The lead singer tends towards nudges and pokes to get your attention, and for good reason: April 1 marked the debut of Unwritten Law’s new album Acoustic. “It’s not Music In High Places, we already made that record,” Russo says in reference to the 2003 live album. “This is a completely different animal.” And truly, Acoustic is a totally new product for the California punk rockers, from the…

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ALBUM REVIEW: The KVB, ‘Of Desire’

If there’s one thing that The KVB has mastered in their six years as a slinky shoegaze duo, it’s conjuring intrinsic nostalgia. With the release of their fourth album Of Desire, visions of goths grinding to new wave in grungy clubs play out in your memory, regardless of whether you’ve even witnessed that kind of phenomenon. Before lead singer Nicholas Daly even utters a bemoaned syllable on opening track “White Walls,” the heady, looping synth forms a prediction: is this The Cure? The Church? The specters of the 80s past…

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ALBUM REVIEW: The 1975, ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’

This is the moment that modern aesthetics has been waiting for – begging for, even. Worldwide, clear The 1975 vinyl records are turning as teenagers in pastel sigh moodily and update their tumblr icon to the I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it cover. In an era of faceless bands, The 1975 are the new dream boys of rock and roll – the festival headliners, the long-haired vagabonds plastered on the walls of Urban Outfitters, the spoken Bible and/or dopamine for…

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