Balance & Composure Discuss ‘The Things We Think We’re Missing’ Lyrics

balance&composureIn a press release sent out yesterday, Balance & Composure discussed the lyrical content, unintentional themes and recording style of their latest LP, The Things We Think We’re Missing. Check out what the band had to say after the jump. The new record is due out on Sept. 10. Pre-order it here. You can catch the boys on tour this fall with Title Fight, Cruel Hand and Slingshot Dakota. Buy concert tickets here and purchase a CD here.

“This record unintentionally has a very desperate vibe in the lyrical content,” says singer/guitarist Jon Simmons.  “It’s me wanting something to hold on to, perhaps someone, or answers to my questions about life.  I’ve also noticed we spend all this time in life wanting more and more. Whether it be materials or success, we think we need these things constantly. At the end of the record I had some kind of epiphany where I realized that this was no way to live my life.  I should be happy with what I have. I’m alive and I’m breathing and I should embrace that. There are things we think we need in our lives and maybe one day they will come, but right now we are on earth experiencing life and we should be caught up in the moment and just live.”
“We wrote 90% of this record in a cabin in the woods in the Pocono Area of PA,” Simmons adds.  “We wrote “Reflection” on one of those days.  This song is about seeing the world how you want to see it and not letting anyone else’s views sway you.  I always struggle with just accepting happiness.  It’s about letting a moment of being content stay with you.  The song is me, sort of arguing with that feeling, by knowing I need it and not pushing it away this time.”
“We sound like we do when we play live on this album,” says drummer Bailey Van Ellis.  “It’s heavy, it’s raw, it’s vibey, and both Will Yip and ourselves made it a point to capture that.  To us, a lot of the tracks on Separation felt like random pieces put together to make songs. We’re older and wiser now and we’d like to think that we’re maturing into better songwriters.”
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