LostAloneLostAlone is a British pop rock band out of Derby, Derbyshire who have self-proclaimed themselves to be on “an endless musical, riffological, epic melodic quest.“  The group is proof that sometmes less really is more and is made up of just a vocalist/guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Count ‘em: 1-2-3 members.  Currently signed to UK record label Graphite Records, they are working on their third studio album, set for release sometime in Spring 2014.  LostAlone has toured with bands such as Paramore and My Chemical Romance, and even had Gerard Way work production on their second album, I’m a UFO in This City.  They are well known for releasing singles off of upcoming albums as free downloads, including their recently released “The Bells! The Bells!!” LostAlone has shown a lot of potential in the past and has built up a lot of fan hype for their new work, so check them out so you can see just why they are January’s band of the month. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Download their new single for free here!

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