Bands Covering Bands: Blonde Roses Talks About Kitten

Musicians are just like you and me. They listen to other bands and are inspired by each other’s work.

Molly Portier of the alternative blues rock outfit Blonde Roses is no exception to this rule. Check out the interview below where she talks about her fascination with Kitten. Learn why she believes Kitten stands out above the boy’s club and why you should be listening to her right now!

Do you remember the first time you heard Kitten? What were your initial thoughts?
I saw her play a few years back at the House of Blues in New Orleans. My first thoughts were, “wow, this girl is badass” and “I don’t normally like to dance, but I really want to dance right now”. You can feel the fire behind every single word she sings. She literally 150% becomes her music on stage. It’s incredible and something I admire so much as a musician. That kind of honest, raw energy is super infectious.

What makes her stand out to you compared to other musicians?
The music business is still such a boys club, so when an empowering female musician comes on the scene, it’s hard not to take notice. There are so many cookie-cutter artists out there, but she’s the real deal. She does her own thing and I think that’s why people are so drawn to her. She’s freaking real. She’s a lady boss. She’s extremely talented. She’s the whole package.

What is your favorite track from Kitten and why?
When I first heard her song “Fall on Me”, I immediately looked up the lyrics and fell head over heels. There’s something musically nostalgic about it, yet so familiar and today lyrically. She paints this beautiful, gut-wrenching picture of love and the kind of destruction it can leave in its path. Though it’s on the surface written about a romantic relationship, I personally found comfort in it after losing the love of a friendship. That’s the amazing thing about music. People can take someone’s art and live different experiences through it. It’s the song that turned me into a forever fan.

Pick a song, any song. What would you want to sing with Kitten?
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles. Hands down. I feel like it would be a super cool mix between both of our styles.

If you could describe Kitten in three words, what would they be?
Your. Next. Addiction.

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