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Behind The Scenes: Light Up The Night Clothing

Light Up The Night ClothingLight Up The Night Clothing started in 2010 in Indiana as a hobby, while designing band merch for my projects and others.

In 2010, I designed the first LUTN logo shirt on my computer and decided on two different colored shirts and color schemes. The name ‘Light Up the Night’ was brought to life by the hope of having a positive influence to the people you come in contact with or sharing a ‘positive light’ and to love people. It was also inspired by the Bible verse Matthew 5:16

I had a friend who worked at a local T-shirt printing shop and she helped me put my original logo design (which we still use today) in the right dimensions on her computer to make the shirts print ready.

I wanted to go bold with the first designs, so the shirts were bright colors (Blue & Purple) and the letters were just huge block lettering. So the lettering took up basically the whole shirt which is what I wanted, but as it turned out, many people didn’t want a shirt that in your face. So it was a learning experience.

We also did our first order with the cheapest shirts around, Gildan. Many clothing lines or bands make this choice first because it’s cheap and they don’t know any better. 10 years ago it didn’t really matter because most shirts were the same, but now with thinner style shirts (American Apparel, Canvas, Tultex, etc) a Gildan shirt can feel very cheap and ‘non stylish’ unless you are making a shirt for your city softball team.

I also knew that eventually we would need to have shirts that said more than just the name of our clothing line on them and that was exciting. It was another creative outlet to think of cool slogans on shirts that people would actually like. Also, I’m pretty good at drawing but limited on computer designing. So I knew that until I had someone helping me create more detailed graphic shirts that my strength would be in what the shirts said and the fonts that were chosen and made to use.

Definitely the two most successful slogan shirts that we have to this day are ‘Life is a Mixtape” and “Let Love Live“. Both are just phrases that came to me during different brainstorming sessions. I try to keep the words on the shirts universal for the most part, so anyone could wear them, not just a particular targeted audience. It’s good to go for targeted audiences sometimes but you just better make sure they will sell to that audience or you are screwed.

Light Up The Night Clothing is now currently located in Nashville,TN and the brand is thriving. We’ve also partnered with the organization Abolition International founded by singer Natalie Grant.  The organization was founded to help fight the battle of sex and human trafficking locally and around the world. Not only do they want to rescue women and children to safety, but also provide them with resources and aftercare homes to help them transition into a new life. Light Up The Night Clothing gives a portion of each shirt that is sold to Abolition International and their work.

Check out our current merch line up or purchase a shirt here and check out one of our shirts in this recent A Skylit Drive interview.

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