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Blink-182 Producer Changes Careers, Opens Donut Shop

blink 182Mark Trombino, producer of iconic pop-punk albums such as Blink-182’s Dude Ranch and Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity, has decidedly changed career paths, opting instead to open a donut shop in Highland Park, Los Angeles. The shop, which opened earlier this week, is called Donut Friend and allows customers to choose from a variety of gourmet fillings for made-to-order selections.

When asked if he’s completely done with music, Trombino said, “I don’t want to admit it yet, but probably. I can still work at home. I have a little setup at home where I can mix or whatever. I knew this would be different than working in music, and that’s why I did it. I know nothing about this business. Every minute I’m learning something new, which is exciting.”

The producer hasn’t completely left his roots behind however – menu options include clever selections such as  “Bacon 182,” “Fudgegazi,” “Rites of Sprinkles,” and “The Starting Lime.” A “Jimmy Eat Swirl” is also in the works. Check out the menu here. Purchase a CD for Blink-182 and buy concert tickets here.

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