Blur’s Alex James Makes Film Directing Debut

941827_10151904387810744_444787995_nWhile visiting LA for Coachella Music Festival last month, Blur frontman, Alex James directed a short film that he is calling “Life Is Short.”

James made the film to help promote “Virgin Media Shorts,” a competition that provides underground British filmmakers with the opportunity to have their work shown in theatres as well as online and on TV. The film features a new solo track from James called, “Superordinator.”

Speaking of the film, James had this to say:

“Like everything else, it starts with an idea and as music is so much part of my  life, it quickly became the focus of the short. I was in LA listening to the  track on my headphones. The more I listened to it, the more it chimed with the  sunshine and atmosphere of the city. So I decided to make a film about being  carefree and happy, with a punchline that brings it all back to earth – the  concept being life is short, but music endures. I really enjoyed the whole  filmmaking process, it was very accessible and a lot of fun.”

In other news, there is a chance that Blur may actually be recording a new album.

While performing in Hong Kong on May 6, Damon Albarn told the crowd, “we have a week in Hong Kong, and we thought it would be a good time to try  and record another record.”

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